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  1. Thanks. Sorry if i sent any of you in the wrong direction on my original post but i had no idea what a Septic system should cost or what would be involved but i appreciate the information that was provided. I can see that there could be many options and a wide range of prices. Anyway, all is good.
  2. Thanks for your replies. I will give more details. My wife (who is Costa Rican) has just installed the Septic system on her lot in Liberia. She purchased a tank, stone, pvc pipes etc.. from the local hardware store. They would have advised her on what was needed. She also installed a toilet and sink. Had it installed in 2 days with the help of about 7 Tico's relatives and some friends and some of them have done this before. Total cost for system including labour was $2,000. I was trying to figure out if that was a good price but based on the replies i'm guessing she did well. System is up and running good. One minor leak had to be fixed around the sink or toilet.
  3. Does anyone have any idea how much it would cost to install a Septic system on a small property for a 2 bedroom Tico style house? I am trying to get an idea of the price for the Septic system and cost for the Labour. Thanks.
  4. My wife's brother told her that materials have gotten more expensive over the last few years especially the cement blocks. I think her brother mentioned something to her about doing a slide-together house which would be cheaper. I am concerned that it would be more than $12,000 and more like $20,000 and that her brother or my wife will keep coming back to me saying they need more money for this or that to satisfy the city. I've asked my wife to get all the details from the city and her brother when she goes there in July so that hopefully there are no suprises but i'm not counting on that. As for the people on her land they are actually her relatives/family including her niece and lots of kids running around. They are very poor so i think she lets them live there for free and because she trusts having relatives there as opposed to people that she doesn't know that might try to take the property from her. I think my wife plans on renting the new house to some of them once it's built which would also make it more legit with the city. Currently they may be viewed as squatters given the living conditions that they are in right now. Anyway, guess i'll wait until she comes back from her vacation with the details of how much it will cost to build the house. I wouldn't be doing anything until next year so i have some time to sort out the details.
  5. Hi, Thank you for all your replies. Here is some more info. I have visited my wife's property many times. My wife bought the property atleast 10 years ago from another Costa Rican couple and got a good deal on it. It's just on the edge of the town of Liberia and on a street with other Tico's houses on either side of her. Problem is that the neighbours have been complaining to the city for the last few years about the sewage and water run off onto their properties especially when it rains as there is no proper drainage. Right now there's just a couple of wooden shacks with a lot of people living in them on her property. I can imagine they make a lot of noise that the neighbours probably aren't happy about either. My wife has told me the city has given her 7 years to fix the problem i.e. build a proper house with proper drainage or else they will confiscate the property. Time is running out and she now only has until the end of 2013. I had a look at the construction laws and translated using Google and it looks like the city could take action on the property due to health and sanitation reasons. Doesn't say anything about how long they will give you to fix the problem but i suspect they could decide on how long she would have to do this. Looks like there are many reasons they could use to take the property based on all the laws and the way they are written but i'm not a lawyer. Anyway, price of materials at about $12,000 seems like a pretty good deal considering the location and what the property may be worth down the road because it's within walking distance of downtown Liberia on the edge of town. Unfortunately for me money is tight but it's do-able. Good thing her brother can do it for her to save on the labour. I'm only worried that the price for building the house will keep going up and up based on the way things can go in Costa Rica and i have a very tight budget.
  6. Hi, My Tica wife has some property in Liberia. She is currently living with me as a permanent resident in Canada. She has some relatives and other people living in a couple of wooden shacks on the property. When it rains all the dirty water flows onto the neighbors properties.She has told me that the City of Liberia (municipal) has given her until the end of 2013 to build a proper house with proper drainage or they will take away her property. Is it true that in Costa Rica that if you don't build a proper house on your property within 7 years that the city can take control of it and take it away from her? My wife has told me that she just needs to build a simple Tico Style house. She would like it to be 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and small livingroom. Her brother would also be able to do it since he's in construction and builds houses. He would also be able to look after all the permits. Cost of materials would be around $12,000 plus maybe around $1,000 for his labour. Apparently you can buy all the materials to build a house as a package from one of the bigger building stores. I was thinking El Legar. Not sure what other big building stores there is in Liberia. I would be paying for all of this and i'm not sure what i'm getting myself into. Thanks in advance for your replies.
  7. What will your username be on this forum when you do "decide" about Costa Rica? Just wondering.

  8. If the change in Immigration law passes as is it's likely to have some impact on house prices i would think.
  9. Hi, I am trying to get an idea of how much it would cost or price range to build a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house in Costa Rica to North American standards. Something in the range of about 2000 to 2500 square feet. I would be building somewhere close to San Jose like in Heredia, San Ramon or possibly Liberia. Also are costs still rising there or are things cooling off like in the US? Thanks.
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