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  1. tresamigos

    New ARCR ID Cards

    Yes, I got mine this week.
  2. Has anyone used Goggle's Project fi service here in Costa Rica ? If so how did it work for you and how much were the charges. Thanks in advance, Dan
  3. tresamigos

    Television in CR

    Which VPN are you using ? I use Witopia, but early this year Netflix started blocking VPNs.
  4. I completed mine this month 1. I took proof of income letter from SS. You get this online from the Embassy website. It took about 2 days. 2. printout of the last three months of my bank statement. I only took the printout of my dollar account, showing the deposits There was no need to show the conversion to colones. 2. my last caja receipt and the Carne de Asegurado to show it was not expired.
  5. Look at USTVNOW. It's for expats and military people stationed overseas.
  6. I'm a little confused. I just went into BN yesterday and withdrew 250,000 colones from my US account. I've done it other times in the last 30 days. Is this only a problem for Canadians ?
  7. I got real lucky. I applied through ARCR in May of 2010 and received my Cedula in September of 2010.
  8. tresamigos

    yellow fever vaccination

    I called the Embassy in Los Angeles. They referred me to the Costa Rica Washington DC website. You can get a waiver if you're over 60, but it requires a letter from a doctor with validation stamp. I hope this link works. http://www.costarica-embassy.org/index.php?q=node/97
  9. tresamigos

    yellow fever vaccination

    I'm planning on a trip to Cartagena next month and found this thread evry interesting. I decided to call Copa and Avianca. Copa told me over 60 no vaccination required. Avianca told me everyone requires the vaccination.
  10. I just installed Chromebleed Extension and when I came back to this site i got a warning "This site is vulnerable".....LOL
  11. That's true of apps, but try accessing the devices option. I get a message that says not available from your country.
  12. I bought the Nexus 4 last year. It's my first smartphone and I love it. If I wanted to upgrade I'd get the Nexus 5 over the the IPhone 5s in a New York second. The only problem is the Google Play Store website is not available from Costa Rica. The Nexus 5 starts at $349.00 unlocked Android updates come in a timely manner..My Nexus 4 got the 4.4 upgrade last week. http://www.gottabemobile.com/2013/11/13/5-ways-nexus-5-beats-iphone-5s/
  13. tresamigos

    Blue Cross/Blue Shield

    I'm sorry I forgot to add that I have my cedula...In the past I've been using a United Healthcare policy that covers me here in Costa Rica. The problem is that it requires me to pay up front for care and submit the bills. It is also costly. I'm looking for an alternate plan than using the public hospitals for emergencies. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. Thanks for the quick response...Dan
  14. tresamigos

    Blue Cross/Blue Shield

    I'm in the process of picking a Medigap insurance that will cover me for the first 60 days of a visit into Costa Rica for emergency visits only. I planned on using Caja for non-emergency doctor visits. These problems with BCBS referred to in this thread are they mainly with BCBS International policies only?
  15. I fly between LAX and SJO and use Orbitz to find fares. Before purchasing the ticket I double check with the airline website to make sure they don't have a lower fare. Taca flies one non-stop a day leaving early (about 1:00 am). The return departs SJO about 6:00pm. Recently I've found RT fares as low as $350 and as high as $750. The lower fares were for travel in July and August. I've been told Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to check for flights. I prefer the Taca non-stop, but have been using United because of the fare difference. There is layover in Houston on these flights.

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