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  1. Congrats. La Migra in the States can be a real pain. I have never known anyone who has had a good experience, even when the outcome was good. Your patience has been rewarded. So now you all are a TicoGringo and a GringaTica.
  2. Maybe James should buy one of Newman's tuk-tuks and keep it as a backup?
  3. And lawsuits here are decided by judges who determine damages based on technical information and not on emotion. Juries are much more likely to assign very high damages.
  4. Yes, it is. I'm just saying that some people seem to be implying that having a car in an SA protects the driver from liability. It doesn't. Insurance is relatively cheap. I believe we pay a bit over 10 mil a month for 400 million in third party injury protection and 60 million in third party property damage. That is a lot of coverage here. I don't carry coverage for theft/collision. Where I live theft is not an issue, and since Costa Rica is a strict fault jurisdiction, I will only have to pay to repair my car if the accident is my fault, or the other driver is uninsured. My car isn't worth much, any?, more than the 6 million coverage that the marchamo provides. So even if the other driver has the minimum coverage I should get my money back. I'm willing to self insure for damage to my car that is my fault.
  5. However, if you as the driver of the vehicle are found liable, your personal assets, including those held by SAs in which you own shares, can be attached to pay damages. Simply because a vehicle is owned by a Persona Jurídica doesn't absolve the driver of said vehicle of all criminal and civil responsibility. If you're drunk and run over a family you're going to jail. If you're on your phone, cross the center line and cause an accident, you will be liable.
  6. There are many different kinds of Bonos de Vivienda available through many agencies and for many different types of needy populations. It is very unlikely that there is any significant amount of information on these in English. Why would there be? Many of these Bonos are administered through third parties and every town has agencies advertising these services. Maybe a place to start, but be wary. Or just go straight to the Municipalidad and ask a lot of questions. That's more legwork, but maybe a better approach. Or go to your local CenCenai or Pani and ask what they know...
  7. Why not talk to the Municipalidad of Zarcero? They should have all the records from that time.
  8. It was declared unconstitutional only for procedural errors in the way the law was promulgated. The tax itself presented no constitutional problems. Therefore once the procedural errors were corrected by the asemblea, the tax was reinstated. The asemblea took advantage of the fact that they had to revisit the law to make some sensible changes. La Nación and El Financiero are your friends
  9. Income Property?

    Do you currently, or have you ever, lived here?
  10. Hmm, I think if I were selling a property worth millions of dollars, I'd consider a plane ticket and hotel to meet the prospective buyer, no matter where in the world they lived, a very cheap investment. Of course since I do not, nor shall ever, own such a property it's all academic.
  11. But I think you all are forgetting that they can't take their guns with them to either Costa Rica or Canada, so those countries are both out. I think Mexico better be careful. Perhaps they'll try to annex Sonora or Chihuahua? Los Filibusteros Part II.
  12. It is still working its way through the asemblea, but I believe it will ultimately pass. The current proposal will reduce the tax on inactive SAs to around 60 mil, and will create a sliding fee for active SAs based on their revenues. Since almost all the proceeds go to the police, and there is a significant crime wave caused by narcos in the GAM, there is a lot of pressure to pass it. JMHO.
  13. Gringo y soberbio se encuentran juntos frecuentemente, pero, gracias a dios, no siempre.
  14. Eleanor, Yes, the fee to renounce is $2,350. They get you coming and going.
  15. The new leadership in the asamblea has put the bill to reinstate the impuestos sobre personas jurídicas on a fast track. The good news is that the tax on inactive SAs will go down to 65 mil or so. We'll see.

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