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  1. No expert in economics here, but a few observations: 1. Having seen indicators that tourism is actually going up, with more full airplanes landing in CR, and the season of Semana Santa spending is upon us with many folks spending a wad of local currency these next weeks, it will be interesting to see what impact this will have on the colon dollar exchange rate. 2. Another question is what will become the impact of China trade with Costa Rica and which currency is being exchanged for that increase in trade. Not just talking about building a stadium here, but the availability of Chinese ceram
  2. "This new luxury property tax is unreasonable, ill thought, and its implementation very poorly planned. I agree that the economy in CR certainly can use some infusion of funds, but it appears that the infusion rests on the backs of those who made long term investments based on one set of rules and the rules are a moving target now." I agree 100% and have been told to ignore this law since many believe it will be challenged as unconstitutional. As another writer puts it, Open letter by: Bob Klenz, Dominical, Costa Rica. vistadelcano@hotmail.com I have lived for over 16 years full ti
  3. I wanted to create a name to identify where I was headed...also remind me to work hard and get there with family and friends! GreciaBound
  4. ticotomasino, Thanks for the useful information about painting inside and outside, especially the types of fungus and waterproofing protection. The idea about the elastic crack filler is especially helpful. Doing it right the first time can balance out extra money spent on quality paints. Where is El Lagar located? GreciaBound
  5. ticotomasino, Tell us about indoor surfaces compared to outdoor surfaces...what have you found best for interior: painted block, painted drywall, or colored plaster? For the outdoor surfaces, is the preparation different, such as using a moisture barrier type of primer coat? Then followed by custom mix of SUR? Also...where is El Lagar located? Thanks! GreciaBound
  6. I was also appalled at the method CRFirst proposes as the way Realtors make money. It just does not work that way, in the US or CR. As a new buyer in the CR market, lots of research is required to prevent mistakes. The seller (not the buyer) pays commission to the realtor for finding the buyer and obtaining an offer, with percentages lower than what CRFirst promotes, at least in my experience. If the buyer believes the "listing price" is padded, then a lower offer can be made. I believe the main reasons a buyer may need a realtor is to help locate a product the client is interested in, an
  7. Wendell, there are no books written about this, and I am not aware of any useful links about your application. Realtors can be a good source of information, but always get second or third opinions to confirm your assumptions. My advice is to find a good architect in that area that speaks English, and he can guide you for restrictions and permit process. Do not be surprised about not getting a call back too soon from the SE VENDE sign, if at all, if you spoke in English. Also realize that the building process will take more than a year to get going. You may want to purchase the property as a co
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