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  1. Thanks! I'll contact him asap. Best wishes y pura vida
  2. Actually I am not searching for a manufacturer but a company who does it all ... delivery and setup.
  3. Does anybody know a supplier of hydroelectric power generators? Any experiences? Even better would be a company offering the complete service like "plug and play" Any comment is welcome ... Thanks!
  4. Thank you all for the information. I'll get in contact with these lawyers soon. Pura vida!
  5. Hi! I was wondering if someone knows a recommendable lawyer (English or German speaking) which primarily handles real estate transactions (Central Valley/ Valle General) in a manner known in civilized countries - means punctual, trustworthy, thinking ahead, fast. Thanks a lot! Best wishes
  6. Thanks a lot! This is exactly what I was looking for.
  7. I am interested in reforestation or buying a big piece of rain forest. Does anyone know about national or international funding programs? I've heard of it - but I haven't found detailed information yet. Is it possible to get some information about possible funding values in advance before buying a piece of land? Lets say - that I calculate with 1 ha of primary rain forest leads to x USD yearly support. Or does anyone have already made some experience with reforestation and funding programs in general? Difficult to obtain? Worth the application procedure? Yearly revenue? Thanks
  8. Construction costs in the central valley start at 800$ a square meter. You are calculating in square feet so calculate with 75 USD per sf if you want good quality. The prices rose about 30% in the last year. This is what I recognized by talking to two (good) architects.
  9. I made some good experiences with the following agencies/agents. Loek from Bridging world - Nice guy from the netherlands His listings - on http://www.axnmls.com Tierralinda working as buyers agents - you normally pay 5% but its worth because they get better prices from the sellers and the work is trustworthy. http://www.tierralinda-realestate.com Anna from SunriseCoast - if you're looking for something in the Caribbean http://www.sunrisecoastrealty.com/ Perhaps this helps ... Bye - Mapache
  10. I was told that the Costa Rican Bank needs to know for what purpose the money is used when it arrives on my account. Otherwise they would freeze the money and I would not be able to use it. Am I wrong?
  11. Soon I am going to buy a property in Costa Rica and have to transfer money from my bank account in Europe to my own bank account in CR. A friend told me, that the Costa Rican banks need some kind of documentary proof from my bank in Europe to free/release the money on the bank account. Is this right? I want to transfer the money to my Banco Nacional account. How do they call this paper? Has anybody a preprint or similar? Thanks, Mapache
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