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  1. I would recommend asking these questions to Eduardo Abarca Vargas (Lawyer) in Bahia. He is a very good, English speaking attorney who has treated us very well. His office is just south of Uvita. Take the first left after the bridge and follow the blue signs. tel. # (506)2743-8345. email is edabarca@racsa.co.cr. Being unhappy with your construction quality is not real uncommon in C.R., but when you start talking over $1000 a month for maintenance, it's time to shop around. Best of luck. Greg
  2. Last winter I had a home built near Ojochal: 7meters by 10 meters, flat concrete roof deck with aluminum secondary shade roof over half the roof deck....1 bathrom, 1 bedroom, and 9m x 15 m of tiling counting sidewalks and porches...wood floor on 1/2 the roof deck, railing all around Included is 4500 for steel window bars and security gates over all doors. Total cost very close to $70,000. It was quite a bit of stress, but we did get it done. counting the lot...$55,000 for 4600m...and the road...$12,000.....about $140,000 total.
  3. Good work Laura...best thing I've seen online in a long long time. Keep smilin and dancin. Muchas Gracias y PURA VIDA
  4. Hi Gringatica, I bought a lot this summer, in August, and it took till the end of October before I had the plano. My girlfriend bought one, too, and it closed only yesterday. I would have someone check the Registrio Nacional under your corporation number to see if the plano is held in your name / corporation. Four months is about long enough for everything to be done I think.
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