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  1. That was not the question, sorry if I was not clear. I was wondering your opinion of the state of the real estate market especialy in the central pacific area in and around Jaco.
  2. What about all this developement going on, it appears that it is booming? What is your take on on this?
  3. Just wondering what your thoughts are now on this topic that was covered on here in June. It seems since then the market has exploded in the central Pacific, I could not even begin to name all the projects being built, planned in the Jaco area. And it appears that sales are brisk and ground is being broken and most of the condos being developed are by large developers with experience. I must say I have often wondered about the tourist industry as I have also observed as pointed out in other posts the lack of guests in hotels in this region. Los suenos always seems deserted, the hotels in Jaco never seem that full. we stay for 3-4 weeks in Playa Hermosa/Jaco and the bigger hotels like Terraza seem barely occupied when ever we are there. Some of the smaller places fill up (less than 6 rooms) but that changes weekly. I was really surprised when I saw Terraza adding rooms to the hotel, where is everyone? There is a project being developed in Jaco called "Garden of Dreams" and although I am building a house in Hermosa I was considering buying a unit for investment there. They seem very sincere and well intentioned and are marketing this based on being able to rent it out to earn income. They quote government numbers that appear to support there claims of a busy tourist trade and hotels filled with guests. But over the last 4 years I have been visiting at times twice a year for up to 6 weeks at a time in different seasons the whole area is half empty. I surf and when you leave Jaco or Playa Hermosa the beaches are empty, never seen anyone on Los suenos' beach. Bottom line is most of the hotels are half empty...what gives? Are the government numbers fudged...not that that would suprise me.
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