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  1. I would strongly urge you NOT to bring all of your U. S. fishing tackle with you to CR. There is some fresh water fishing, but what with licensing and all, I would imagine it would be difficult to arrange for. How is your Spanish? Have you ever been there before? Have made reservations anywhere (- that would be a good place to start with your questions, as they should be able to tell you what is available).
  2. As Julie and Jimmy point out, there is at least one woman doing this. I will bet you that she has a long track record, and the other important factoid they mention, is that she is the owner of the business. That is a far cry from someone who took an online test (which was undoubtedly part of a come-on) in an area where she may or may not be qualified. Speaking as one who currently works from home, and who has done so for many years, I would point out that working from home is not for everybody. Some folks need the socialization of an office setting, some need constant supervision, some need a more structured setting, and so forth. To do well working at home, one must be very well disciplined, a "self-starter," and able to cope with instant and constant change. And, let's not forget: you must own your own equipment, and be able to maintain it, and pay for your own internet connection, and make sure that it is a good one. I would say to Laura that you might want to contact this friend of Jimmy and Julie, and pick her brain, and even see if she would find you work, if/when you become qualified.
  3. I would not recommend work as a Medical Transcriptionist for someone who is not already fluent in medical terminology. Nor, can I see this being a viable means of support regardless of whether or not you are living in close proximity to whatever source of data it is that requires transcription. Speaking as a Nurse who has done a considerable amount of medical record reviews, I can tell you that the demands for very, very fast and very, very accurate turn-around are high! If you are located on a quiet beach, with less than perfect internet connection, your clients would not appreciate having to wait hours or days for a turn around time. Beyond that, the reality of this field is that one must perform huge amounts of work in order to make it pay reasonably well.
  4. Don't worry, you are not alone. I am not Canadian, but (almost afraid to say it anymore) American. And, I do not now, nor have I ever agreed with anything that comes out of Dubya. I mean, what is wrong with us? We allow him and his rich cronies to continue to gouge us at the gas pumps, the oil companies report ever greater profits, so all is well with the world? I don't think so. Where is Teddy Roosevelt when we need him? The whole idea of growing fuel is dumb, and already everyone has forgotten that when it started, it started because of government subsidies to the producers of ethanol.....and, now that it looks like it is taking off, farmers don't want to grow anything else, plus what they used to sell for food (not just for humans, but for livestock as well) is now going to more 'biofuel,' and how is that helping the energy crisis? aaaaarrrrrhghhhhh.......don't get me started......
  5. I'm sorry, Newman, but neither of your links goes to a real web site. So, perhaps you could tell us where in our passports we will find this caution about "taking an oath" to a foreign gov't? Never mind. I found it, and I would suggest that you look closely at the words: "Under certain circumstances, you may" "by performing, voluntarily and with the intention to relinquish U. S. citizenship," Those words do not totally exclude one from accepting dual citizenship, as long as the individual does not intend to give up their U. S. citizenship.
  6. Laura, I think another thing that you keep overlooking (or, maybe I am exaggerating the importance of this in my own mind) is that most of us are only able to quality as residents in CR by way of retirement, as opposed to Rentista status. So, if we are of retirement age, perhaps two things are very much in the way to prevent us from considering citizenship in CR. One, the process is very long, and maybe we just don't feel the need to spend our time in this manner, and two, what is the point? There is not very much to be gained by becoming a citizen of CR, for an elderly American, who is living there on a pension.
  7. I'm sorry, but what's a Grailcoat? Is this a company that was selling real estate in CR? How do you put a twenty year warranty on real property? And, who would buy a piece of property just because it has a warranty?
  8. again, it looks to me like you should ask your builder for information about who is the local water authority............
  9. As CRF said, your contractor should have taken care of this for you. That said, I would think that this would have been an issue from the very beginning of your involvement with the project. I mean, didn't you ask about this at the time of entering into a contract with your builder? Also, as has been pointed out on this forum many times, some of this depends on whether those services even exist close by the development. In other words, are you even sure that there is a water line nearby, and telephone, lights, cable, etc., nearby?
  10. I can only tell you what I know: find a builder first, and let him provide the plans. A good builder might well already have plans from which to choose, and all that you would need to pay the architect for would be a few changes to suit your needs. I know of at least one project where the architect was actually American (a personal friend of the owner), and his plans were accepted when submitted for permits. Of course, this was not a project that required bank financing. But, my point is that the owner and the builder did not have to pay exorbitant fees for the plans.
  11. First, why would you pay thousands of dollars for the architect for plans for a single family dwelling? Second, if you're building in Costa Rica, the cost to him/her should not be so much, and third, permits and architectural plans should be part of the construction cost, shouldn't they?
  12. now, don't misunderstand us, Laura. Driving at night is not a matter of being able to drive - good, bad, or indifferent. It is - as Jean told you - simply that there are no street lights, and since the roads are so bad, and since there is no traffic cop, or wrecker, or emergency service, driving at night is simply too risky for anybody. (you also might need to know that us old folks don't see that well at night, anyway, so this becomes an issue for us, in general).
  13. Laura, your worry should be more about learning the language. If you can drive in the states, you can drive anywhere. But, to know the "rules of the road" in CR, you need to know the language. And, even after many trips, over the last nine + years, and even though I speak good Spanish, I have no intention of driving at night, more than a very few miles, in our immediate neighborhood (and, neighborhood is the wrong word, since we won't be living in the city; but, I mean the area very close to our place, say no more than about five miles in either direction). In San Jose, unless you've driven successfully in Mexico, I'd say to stay with the taxis and buses.
  14. All milk in CR is packaged in the carton, regardless of the brand, and kept (in the stores) at room temperature, due to the 'good-old-days' when there was little or no refrigeration in CR. It has been specially homogenize/pasteurized/prepared so as to withstand a lack of refrigeration. As far as I know such packaging simply is not available in the states, simply because we take it for granted that refrigeration is available. You might be able to find canned whole milk, maybe by Borden's in some places, but I really doubt it.
  15. AlaskaGirl, fwiw, here is what I understand: Most pension plans offer the retiree an option at the time of retirement to take a lump sum cash payment. This is NOT considered to be a wise thing to do, but it could mean some real money. Once a retiree choses not to take that lump sum, there is no going back. As a working stiff, paying into a pension plan, you have no option because you are not yet retired. In other words, most pension plans will not allow you to do anything other than dictate what kind of risks you might want to take with a 401K, or other annuity, but you cannot direct them what to do with the money until you actually retire. The only way to have any input into what to do with the Pension Plan's money is to run for the governing board of the Plan. As for your personal pension, it is either take your annuity in payments, or cash out. Also, remember that a pension plan going under is not necessarily tied in with the failure of a bank. Pensions are tied into stocks, bonds, portfolios, and all kinds of financial instruments, and generally, are not linked with any particular bank.
  16. GT, please don't let that man's dire warnings lead you to make a big mistake. Talk to your banks, both in the states, and in CR, and see what they can tell you. But keep in mind, as you said, you cannot move your pension money, and you don't want to mess with that IRA.....CR banks are not all that safe, but they are not all that risky, either.....I would suggest that you look into having your pension check sent directly to your CR bank, however, so you can save the cost of those wire transfers.
  17. I'll stick my neck way out here......I do not profess to be either a Democrat or a Republican.....but have voted for a lot more Democrats than Republicans, thank you very much..........I think it is way past the time when we need a woman for President, and I do believe that I will vote for Hillary, if for no other reason than to p___ off my brother-in-law (a diehard Bush Lover)......
  18. I'm sorry, but y'all are missing the point. This is a forum about Costa Rica, and it is an internet forum. It is not the Society for the Presentation of Long-Winded Philosophical Dissertations on Subjects Pertaining to the End of the World/Nuclear Threats do Exist/The Sky Is Falling/Help Me! I'm Melting, or any other off topic area! I cannot say this enough: Posts to Internet forums must be, and should remain brief and to the point. Speaking only for myself, I have not read any of Mr. C's posts in their long-winded entirety, and I have no intention of doing so. I would venture to guess that the only one who might have done so is Alaska Girl, and that is fine for the two of them......but, it does not serve this forum well, and in the end, it will only turn people away from our friendly little discussion group.....so, please make an effort to keep on track, and follow the KISS principle!
  19. I do believe that is why your original post got moved over here, in a special, new category, just for you, Bill! No apology from this quarter, either. I would join with Paul, and others here in saying that if you can post to topic, and keep it short and sweet, I'd be more than happy to have you along for the ride.
  20. You are not a whack job? Well, if you say so. However, didn't Shakespeare say something along the lines of "The lady doth protest too much, methinks?" 1997? Well, that certainly happened just yesterday, didn't it? Come on, Buffalo Bill! This is 2007! Get with the program, already!
  21. oops........you're right, Paul........what was I thinking? I'll have to send a private message......
  22. Now, you've raised a very important question, gringatica: does that there Avon stuff actually work?
  23. What business is it of theirs? My bank certainly never has indicated any such interest in my account. As for freezing the money, when we did a transfer from the states, we were in the states, and one reason for making the transfer was to be sure that the money would be in CR whenever we might need it....the actual transfer did take some days, now, but we figured that was to be expected. Heck, it takes 3-5 days to move money from my regular bank to my PayPal account and vice versa.
  24. I have no idea how to do this from a European bank, but I do know this: to wire transfer money from the U. S. to CR, I was given some important numbers by my CR bank. You need the account number for your bank in CR, and then, you need the SWIFT data. Then, you need to find a bank in your home country (this will not necessarily be your regular bank), that is partnered with your CR bank for international money transfers. Then, in case this "partner" bank is not your regular bank, you have to fill out the wire transfer form from your bank, and provide it to (or, your bank will send this for you) that "partner" bank, which is the bank that will actually make the transfer for you. You can probably learn a lot more about this by talking to your bank in your home country (that is, of course, if you already have the SWIFT data from your CR bank).
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