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  1. we say tomato, she says tum8toe.......I have no response to her language.
  2. NJ, several points come to mind here: (I may be wrong here, but) I suspect that you are much younger than I (your spelling/grammar looks suspiciously like 'texting' to me, and that is not something most of us Old Phartes do), so I do not expect you do agree with much that I say. However, for your information, HSBC happens to be very famous for all kinds of past nefarious activities, and shoddy loan practices, both in the U. S. and elsewhere. Some of us may know them better through some of their affiliates, such as Household Finance, or Beneficial Finance. They have paid out lots of money over the years, going back to the 80's and 90's, in class action law suits against them, and in Federal fines, at least in the U. S. You said: "then again i don't know why some ppl seem to have an overwhelming need to pick apart everything regardless of of how valid the info is" Let me remind you that I am only trying to correct your misapprehension of certain information, and my attempt is based on fact, not conjecture, rumor, or chismes. You seem to be aware that there is a serious financial crisis going on right now. For your information, this started several months ago, and even banks in the U. S. do not have money to lend. Perhaps I could have stated this differently, by saying that banks, which you believe have money to loan, are not presently willing to risk any of their money in loans of any kind. How much money do you suppose all of those failing banks have available right now? Bottom line is that, even though they all have policies, those policies are old, and this crisis is still new, so they haven't had time to correct their policies. They have, however, had time to learn how to say "No."
  3. And, your point in pasting from somebody else's web site is what, exactly? Haven't you ever been told to not believe everything you read? Just because something is posted on a website doesn't make it so! I have - as I have said over and over - already talked to these people. There is no money to loan at present. Yes, they will gladly take your application, as they took mine. And, yes, I have good credit. But, it did me no good. Have you, personally, applied for a loan? Do you intend to do so? For that matter, have you looked very, very closely at the information you have so thoughtfully provided to us? Real close.....even if they had the money to loan, do you seriously believe that their terms are fair, and of benefit to the average person? Looks to me like (as I have said over and over) these terms are entirely one-sided (against the borrower), and they certainly are not acceptable to this potential borrower.
  4. Yes, I have already talked to them (HSBC), and despite what their website says, they are NOT loaning money. Their terms include the following (as I have already posted): you must already have on deposit with them an amount equal to what you want to borrow. You must have a huge down payment. Their interest rate is at least 16.25%. The term of any loan is not only less than thirty years, but more like ONE year. That is not what I can call financing. Hell, if I had the money, or if I thought I could accumulate it on my own in only one year's time, I wouldn't be asking for the loan!
  5. I'm sorry, but I have to beg to differ with nancy nj. The banks in CR do NOT have money to loan, and any loan in CR with a bank is going to require that you already have most of the money available to you from other sources, they will carry a huge interest rate, and - in short - do not have terms that are at all attractive. As for being able to deduct the interest on your home mortgage, I doubt very seriously that - if you had a mortgage in CR - the IRS would allow you to take that interest deduction. I could be wrong on all counts, and would love to be shown to be wrong, because we would dearly love to be able to make a very small loan for construction, but have not been able to find any financing, either in CR, or in the states. Finally, I have already talked to the folks at the company Ticoville is talking about, and they not only do not offer loans, they are only brokers for loans, and they told me that there is no mortgage money presently in CR.
  6. I thought that the Capital Gains tax on the sale of a home has several loopholes. One, if you buy another home within two years, you don't have to pay. Two, if this was your primary home, and you replace it with another, you only pay the tax if you made over something like a quarter of a million dollars on the sale, and so on.
  7. Hey, you asked. Maybe you should ask some banks directly your self. You have to remember that the idea of using credit until you are so far deep in debt that you cannot get out is totally American. As has been stated elsewhere on this forum, the attitude in Latin America has always been that if you can afford it you pay cash, otherwise, you learn to live without.
  8. Lots of luck, Jesse. We have learned, as of late September, that there simply are no mortgage loans available in Costa Rica for anyone. The only loans available are for agriculture. A Citizen or permanent resident may be able to get a personal loan, but the Catch-22's that are attached, make it totally unacceptable (you have to have as much money in the bank already as you are asking to borrow; short term loans only; interest rate that can only be called usurious - 16.25%). We already own a building lot in CR, and thought we could use that for collateral, and learned that is also not possible. As for taking out a loan in the states, you already know the economic mess we have here. If you already own a home in the states that has a real equity, you might be able to take out either a home equity line of credit, or an outright home equity loan.
  9. I was in a Banco Popular just this morning, and saw that the interest rate being offered for the colon is very significantly higher than for the dollar (actually, very attractive).........and, as of today, the rate to buy colones was 559.50/dollar...........I can see where it would be attractive to invest in a colon account, and would think that the longer term interest rates are what make it attractive.....however, what you are betting on is whether or not the colon might devalue more over time, no?
  10. MD is correct. First of all, as has been discussed on this forum many times, the way to buy property in CR is to deal directly with a Tico seller, and your Tico attorney, and avoid all use of developers, investor groups, et al.......also, as he says, unless you have the time and the resources to personally camp out on these people's front porch until they pony up your money, you will likely never see it again.....
  11. Not sure if there is a Kia Dealer in CR......I know that there are a lot of Kias on the road, but if you go to the official Global Kia web site, and click on their link to CR, nothing happens......I suspect, therefore, that there is no "official" Kia representation.........
  12. To an extent, I would have to agree with MD, except one factor that is always overlooked when discussing the time interval for oil changes. That is, that the auto manufacturers, in cahoots with Big Oil, have sold at least the American public on the concept that one must change oil every three months, or 3,000 miles. However, when one studies serious research reports, one can learn that oil changes do not need to be done more frequently than once every 6,000-7,500 miles, depending on the type of driving that one does, etc. Also, and this is where I really had my eyes opened, a few years ago (late 2005) I bought a new car that offered "no maintenance costs to the buyer" for the first two years/24,000 miles. This meant free oil changes! Wow! Turned out, since they were paying, that oil changes are only necessary every six months or 6,000 miles! Isn't that interesting? So, in two years time, I got four whole oil changes for free. Big deal, and a lesson that I have certainly taken to heart. I will not pay for an oil change more often, since the manufacturers have openly admitted that they have been lying to us all these years. And, if that is not enough to show us where we have been mislead, remember when new car warranties used to require that owners have all of their oil changes done at the dealer? Then, they relaxed it to the point that all you had to be able to do, in order to keep your warranty valid, was to be able to prove that you either paid someone else, or purchased adequate oil/filters to have had it done per their schedule. Now, they do not even check for that proof, because the fact is, we have been wasting oil for lo, these many years, because of yet another lie sold to us by Detroit (OK, what used to be Detroit).
  13. elosodelcerro: Very good post! Very good advice. Thank you.
  14. I agree with MD.........the only ones who make money working at home, do indeed, really work, and usually they are in the direct employ of a large company. I, for instance, work at home as a Telephonic Case Manager, for a large Healthcare Company (nationwide) that provides services to large insurance companies. My son-in-law, who works for a large bank, just started working from home, essentially calling folks who owe money, and are late with their payments. Other than this kind of work, there may be a smattering of folks who have stumbled on various home-based businesses, but these will indeed suffer, as MD also pointed out, not only with increased fees from places like Ebay, but also PayPal, et al......I think it will take a very imaginative person to come up with a way to make a living online, from a home in CR..........and, even if they do come up with it, they will still have to satisfy the legal requirements for residence.
  15. LOL.........whyever would I want to modify either one of these machines?
  16. It is not you who is suspected of trolling, Laura..........It's that guy from Seinfeld...........
  17. I certainly did not mean to say, or even to imply that intelligence equals good business sense, or leads to success in business. It is just that my experience has taught me that successful "business" types generally demonstrate at least a modicum of good manners, and the most successful display a good grasp of (common everyday) written and spoken English in all of their dealings, whether formal or informal. This does not require an exceptional use of the language.
  18. I can't take it any more. Sabo, please tell us one thing: are you really that illiterate that you cannot write a cogent sentence, or is this an act? On the one hand, your posts declare you to be a business person, but your command of the English language leaves me shaking my head in wonder! (there care.........they get stolen...........they get payed.......????)
  19. Sammi, are you saying that you bought property in CR, but are not a resident, and have no idea of how to become a resident? first, go here: http://www.arcr.net/services.html then, go to www.therealcostarica.com read, read, read.......... follow the directions to lead you to your nearest Costa Rican Consulate...........get in touch with them, and ask them to tell you what you need........
  20. can't answer your question, my friend, but I would suggest that you post it up above, under the Open Forum, instead of down here, under real estate.....
  21. And, once again Laura, you are not thinking these things through. Remember the total population of the country? Now, what kind of market do you suppose that population base can provide? You can indeed find some typical Tico sounds, but you are far more likely to find that the music they listen to comes mostly from Panama, Columbia, Mexico, and other Latin American countries.....
  22. Posiblemente esta poquito curioso, pero creo que no puedes encontrar mucha gente aqui que estan confortable con Español (para escribir). Costa Rica si tiene mucho gente que naci en otros paises, pero generalmente ellos no pueden escribir en Español......lo mejor, y un gran avantage que si tienes usted, es que usted puedes usar todas las paginas (del internet) del govierno de Costa Rica, que si estan en Español, y puedes sacar mejor informacion que nosotros.....buena suerte........vaya usted a visitar Costa Rica.........ver es creer.........no?
  23. not sure what your question means, but are you saying that you are actually in Costa Rica, and want to do this from Costa Rica? You can download any necessary U. S. tax form from the IRS' web site, to any computer in the world and/or use an online tax service to do anything dealing with your taxes. In the alternative, I believe that you can go to the U. S. Embassy to handle any IRS business.
  24. Sabo, what docks? what charter? Are you, by any chance, confusing your deep sea fishing with inland, stream or lake fishing? I, too have a recollection of a license being required (by law, but it IS a Tico law, remember), and I know someone who showed my his Tico license a few years back......but I can't speak to whether fishing licenses are mentioned on Tim's site...........
  25. Sabo, I am not sure what you mean by "most docs....... got rid of real folks.........," but if you're referring to transcriptionists, I beg to differ. I am still active in the Health Care field, and part of what I do depends on obtaining rapid transcription of medical notes, and there is no machine doing this in Texas.
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