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  1. Today, 12-29-10 La Nacion carried an article about Banco Nacional buying US dollar to prevent it falling further. El Banco Central ha adquirido desde setiembre de este año el 41% de los $600 millones que anunció que compraría en un lapso de 16 meses, con el fin de fortalecer sus reservas monetarias. Cuatro meses después de haber anunciado un programa de acumulación de reservas, la entidad ha comprado casi $249 millones. Para adquirir los restantes $351 millones, el Banco tiene tiempo hasta diciembre del 2011. So BN has already used 41% of the 600 million to support the 500c floor. It appears to me BN can not keep up with the Fed. Reserve issuing BILLIONS of dollars to buy up (our own) treasury bonds. A month ago i suggest the dollar:colone exchange rate would break above the 520c ceiling if the Democrats lost control of Congress. I have grave doubts that ceiling will be broken. The dollar destruction has gone on for too long. After the Fed gets done dumping the 800billion (QE2) dollars into the banks I do not see a QE3 but the damage has already been done. I still have hope that US will elect business savy adults and we initiate an energy policy using Nat. Gas to power our cars and Nuclear to power our electricity. That would rein in the billions of dollars we send to the oil rich islamic terrorist countries and create MILLIONS of jobs in the US. I'm such a dreamer.
  2. Most gracious of you for asking crfinica. The Ticabus had about a dozen english speaking passengers, including Australia, German ((spoke ingles), England and USA. After the first handful of folks got their stamp, immigration asked someone for their outbound ticket from CR. Then every nonnational had to produce the onward proof and at least 3 folks had to buy a ticket (just happens to be a bank at the border, fancy that). One person claimed he had ticket but not with her, the German didn't have ticket or money to buy one so the Australian lent him money. I was smart lucky enough to have brought my proof and even though the board date extended beyond 90 days i got a stamp . The guy left the number of days BLANK. Gotta believe he was more interested in inflicting as much pain as he could to the next victim and didn't bother with the small print. Actually i had such a good time I'm thinking of going back for Christmas. ?PuraVida? waynei
  3. I suspect you may have hit upon a large part of the Nica's sense of past transgressions. Although the conversation became fast and furious i repeatedly heard Guanacaste. Since i am only a casual friend it seemed best i leave the subject alone, and did not pursue it even when my friend tried to explain in more detail when we were alone. Would be interesting to know what is taught in the Nic schools concerning that unanimous decision. Perhaps it's kind of like individual states suing the Fed. Govt. over unwanted mandated health care?
  4. CR best forget about that disputed property. I just returned from 4days in Nic (thanks again CR imigracion) and EVERYONE believes the land belongs to Nic. My lady friend and her friends, whom detest Ortega are 100percent sure this is Nic land. Their reasoning, best i could understand their animated spanish, is that at one time most of the Northern part of CR belonged to Nic until CR stole it. I don't know whether or not this is true but they believe it. For me, Sunday mass was the exclamation point on this subject. I had wondered why the catholic church was with Ortega during news conferences (my hostel room had TV). So that's it. Nic is gonna keep it unless someone takes it from them and we all know CR brags to be a pacifist country. Now they get to pay the penalty for that joke. One's gotta believe this will cement Ortega's win in the next election just as it will help Laura win next time.
  5. Kenn, i think every reason/item you listed for the weak dollar is correct. I would guess China especially looks at every opportunity to offload the 860+ billion of dollars they are currently holding. Just this week China loudly forecast the dollar will devalue more due to huge deficit spending. China looks for every opportunity to diverse away from the dollar because everyday the positive trade deficit )positive to china) only adds to its holdings. CR offers them an invisible hand to decrease their dollar holdings (funding the stadium with dollars they earned but paying in yuan) without causing a currency panic. However i don't see the dollar at 600c much less 700c. Our govt has to first stop deficit spending and until we get term limits i don't see congress doing that. The yet to be funded healthcare bill is a showstopper. I've never done any currency trading but now that I'm here I'll look for opportunities to convert dollars to colones as a hedge against further devaluation-if we get a dollar bounce I got a plan. CR may not be the best country to hedge with (not alot of mfg) but it's where I'm living for the next couple of years until i go further south.
  6. expat99 Senor, have you been in CR since 99? Just curious. I have not graffed the Colone so take my input for less than nothing. More than a couple years ago the exchange was 560 and above. But that was before the financial crash (scandal). But now, with the amount of debt accumulated by the US govt a lack of desire or sense to create new economic models (N.Gas automobiles, small nuclear turbines to produce electricty) elimination of govt. schools & postal service) and a hard look at entitlement programs which undermine incentives for personal achievment, well the only way to pay off the trillons of dollars of debt is to make the dollar cheap and use cheap dollars to paydown debt. Now, if we were to take out the nuclear bomb facilities in Iran or Islamic terrorist already in the USA succeed in killing a bunch of folk or the world experiences major food shortages the dollar will spike. What was the exchange rate in April-Sept of 2008 when the markets froze up?
  7. Certainly y'all know i only got opinions, and not highly intelligent ones. As stated, not only did Japan sell Yen to buy dollars, but locked up the dollars rather than putting them back in the market. That managed to drive the Yen down against the dollar and seems to have strengthened the Euro a bit as well. The week prior, China bought a bunch of Japan Yen, so to increase the yen value and thus give the Yuan competetive advantage (cheeper) My premise is the world markets see currency devaluations as the next economic play card being that interest rates are zero most everywhere. The US dollar (still) has the advantage of being the world currency and by saying nada seem to be implicitly agreeing with the currency wars. Europe cut spending (entitlements) recently to get their economic house in order. The USA is talking about how to raise more money to pay for (more) entitlements One can NOT divorce politics from economic policy. They are joined at the hip (and head). Dem's and Repub have not been forthcoming the last 40years. When anyone talks about the SS fund they speak lies cause there is no fund, only IOU's. Democrats delayed the decrease in Medicare entitlements (to pay for obamacare) until after the November elections to keep the sheepies ignorant awhile longer. My non-authority analysis is the CR central bank will not do anything yet. If the US Fed decides to print more dollars (fed to meet tue-21) by buying more tressuries (thus sending more dollars into the market) the dollar will fall. My guess is they will not print $ (until after Nov elections or not at all). My guess is the dollar will go back above the 500floor. My guess is the 1st half of 2011 will be good for the US and the dollar will break thru the 516c ceiling. All bets off if the Dem keep control of congress. I believe until we get past 2012 there will be alot of dollar bounces. Getting grownups back in the whitehouse would provide more certainty to the markets and world. Right now i don't see a grownup in either party in contention for the 2012 election. The real solution to jobs is to make school choice (vouchers) a priority and then wait 20years. Getting rid of minimum wage (or redefining it) would be a great enticement for getting a non-MBA education or trade. As my grandma would say. I'll see ya in church.
  8. Last week Japan sold 2trillon yen and bought dollars to keep the yen from gaining more value against the dollar. And they parked those dollars in money market fund rather than issue govt bonds. The world markets look at this event as loss of faith in the dollar strength with continuation of the bailout mindset of the administration, hatred for profitable business models, the continuing collasp of the US job market with no plan to stem the loss other than government jobs. As they say, we elect whom we deserve. a bounce will come, in fact many bounces but america as we've known it has changed forever. And that you can believe in.
  9. i also must return to USA Oct 1 until Oct 27. I only have 1 duffel bag to find a place. I hope to find apt. to rent b/4 i leave (I have many hopes but not much luck)but assume i won't. I'm in SJ. mucho gusto waynei
  10. I feel obligated to provide my non-disclosure statement. I do not now own a television, have not for years nor do i watch TV unless traveling for business. I served 4yrs in US ARMY, some of that time during Vietnam Conflict and so very patriotic to one country under God. end of statement. The terrorist attack at Ft. Hood (spent 2yr there) breaks my heart. This be 2nd terrorist attack in USA this year (none b4 that since 9/11/01. I wonder if first terrorist attack was ever covered by TV? waynei
  11. and i thought you ment the MSNBC of CR. You know with the announcer that said he will do whatever it takes to make Barrack Hussien Obama's presidency successfull. The station selling Obama's YES WE DID and WE BROUGHT CHANGE bumper stickers on their website. The one silent about ACORN's pimp business and green czar Van Jones signed statement that the US govt orchestrated the 9-11 terrorist attack (they're still investigating). CNC=Clinton News Network in my opinion Waynei
  12. Since I've spent more time in Korea, Germany (under guise of military) than CR, anything i add is weightless, however i have to groan when i read again today the keystone cops lose another 3oo+kilos of coke from their locked down warehouses. Ya think someone will get fired? The revolving court system door, government lackluster methods and educational stalemate all play a part of the CR culture. But USA is sliding down that slope. NOBODY can tell me the USA workethic of 50yrs ago endures today. Might i venture that the Don Quixote culture paints a picture of a socialistic society. Kenn writes "In the north, it is all about practical-minded people systematically working to attain their goals'. In the north I see 50%droupout rate, entitlement mentality that's about to take a moonshot in the stated goal of REDISTRUTION of tax dollars, jobs galore if'n your mexican (work ethic). Do you recall the guy whom told Obama at one of his townmeetings "I've worked at McDonalds for 4yrs and I want to know what you can do for people like me whom are having a hard time making ends meet". The answer was obvious but didn't get said - take advantage of govt. assistant educational benefits and make yourself more valuable. The new N. American is part of the magical kingdom where reality shows and lottery is the best way to riches. It's owed to us. and entitlements are going to increase exponentially. Think post office, license bureau, city hall, public defenders, public arts and the boatload of jobs being made on par with CR's parking attendents. Too big to fail becomes too important to fail and so give me food, car, gas card, living quarters, drugs. So back to the cocaine fiasco. You're hearing the rumblings that we need to make illicit drugs legal. yA think this admin. sticking with the JUST SAY NO!? . While I'm spouting off, last night i wanted to listen to the Steve Winwood song "Higher Love" but seems i have to download software and perhaps pay a fee (listen not archive it). Wonder why they can't do that with all the pornograhic crap that inundates the internet? Happy Easter Season to all
  13. I concur - it would not be legal.
  14. oye about that house in Heredia. ummmm cold & rainy. (97F today) are you waiting for an offer or is this planned rental income? agosto no mas, ahora esta octubre waynei
  15. can you tell me how far (how many bus connections) from San Jose el centro to Piedades Ciudad Colon? Also, the Internet access - it is cable access or wireless. Thanks wayne
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