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  1. Stay out of gringo enclaves,Escazu,Santa Ana and La Sabana,blend in and integrate.It sounds practical and obviously born out of personal experience.Sounds good to me.Not for everybody though.Become one with your sorroundings and you are no longer sorrounded.
  2. He dicho exactamente lo que dices:"en mas o menos grado dependiendo de las cirscuntancias".Basta que?.No he hecho referencia a los Ticos y ademas me parece que quien quien mas enfaticamente esboza el argumento de la carga emocional no soy yo y no le dijiste "basta".Tus palabras:hay que ver el contexto en la cual los Ticos usan la palabra,"unas veces es positivo y otras no".En la otra nota tu escribes:" no he tenido(generalmente) un sentido negativo con la palabra".Parece que te contradices innecesariamente.Cual es tu sentir?Algunas veces,generalmente o siempre?No es necesario ese tono,basta con un argumento convincente.
  3. I have made my case and will not respond to your personal attacks as that clearly violates the spirit of this venue,but if you continue to vilify the messenger,I would be forced to address your unbeleivable attempts at monopolizing the flow of information by calling me a "coward" because I express concern about "facts".I accept to descend to the level of your disrespectful attacks,but hesitantly and apologetically,since you leave no option.My apologies to the readers of this forum.You don't fool anybody.You seem to take pleasure in describing little white girls beg for mercy,but all this obsession in asserting your toughness and masculinity does not ring all that convincing. EDITED If you call Miami hell,then you are nothing like you describe yourself. EDITED
  4. What I am doing is simply translating into english what the Costa Rican spanish newspapers are printing and what they print are the "statements" made by those who stand to lose the most by exposing the crime situation:The current goverment wich ran on a platform to erradicate crime.They are reporting to have failed. You represent my reporting on those facts as being part of a conspiratory agenda to keep newcomers from ever coming to Costa Rica and I don't represent your insistency that crime is not that bad as part of your own self interested agenda to grow your client base.That would be dishonest as I don't know that to be the case,but it is however obviously beneficial to you to grow your client base,but I doubt you would misrepresent crime on the ground for such a perverse reason.You however accuse me of maliciously and deliberatly misrepresenting Costa Rican crime for some unknown reason.What is hateful,what you do or what I do?.Why don't you discredit the statements made by The Attorney General?It is not about me or you.It is about what the truth is and whether the top three executives of the Judicial and executive branches of goverment's concurrent statements are just invented by me.What is wrong with you people?.You want to manipulate the truth and to use this forum to sugarcoat the violent crime crisis in Costa Rica.I have given irrefutable facts and you come up with personal attacks.You can fool half the people half the time,half the people all the time but not all the people all the time.Boo!
  5. Your Attorney General,The Minister of the Presidency and the head of The Supreme Court are the ones scaring people away.Why do you hate me?Lets face it,Costa Rica crime is out of control and you hate to admit it,so you hate me instead.
  6. I don't understand you.Are there major crime problems in Costa Rica or is the Attorney General overreacting?What does it have to do with me?I am just repeating what the Attorney General,the Minister of the Presidency and what everybody knows and says:"We are in a big mess here":The laws are inadequate,there is not enough police,the criminals walk out after being aprehended.Do you disagree with The Attorney General,the Supreme Court top Justice,The minister of the Presidency?Now I am a "fraidy cat"?,a "crybaby"?.I am not crying wolf,The Attorney General is.He is the crybaby.Do you read the newspaper?.Don't you see?Tell us what you know that your Attorney General does not.You are living dangerously my friend.Ask former deputy Toledo.If you know something: like this was a vendetta and therefore should concern nobody, then Dr Watson I stand corrected.You are not honest if you don't admit to the fact that crime is out of control in Costa Rica since the Costa Rican authorities have said as much.If you look to the statement I made that began this discussion that resulted in your efforts to ridicule and dismiss it : what it said is exactly what the entire judicial and executive branches of goverment have recently expressed.What ever you do and say to discredit me or what I say will not change the facts:CRIME IS OUT OF CONTROL IN COSTA RICA!.
  7. La palabra "gringo" es degradante en mas o menos grado dependiendo de las cirscuntancias,pero es inaceptable e inevitable el uso,asi que favorezco la posicion de miamidavid y se debe comunicar con mucho cuidado que por buen intencionado que sea su uso,el mismo ofende y degrada.El problema se agudiza cuando nosotros nos llamamos americanos en vez de estadounidenses.Es el equivalente de exigirle a Iran que no tenga armas nucleares cuando Israel tiene mas de 200.Si nos abrogamos el termino "americano" y asi nos identificamos;otros americanos de centro y sur america ven con desden esa arrogancia y ciertamente hay una carga emocional detras del termino "gringo",que no esta limitado a este incidental argumento,pero es un indicador que retrata a los Estado Unidenses.
  8. After dark included?.Street side cafe?Make sure to notify The Attorney General,El Presidente de La Corte Suprema,El Ministro de la Presidencia,ex DeputyToledo ,his dead maid,his assaulted wife ,his dead Peruvian neighbor that they have nothing to worry about and to stop making declarations to La Nacion that crime is out of control and that the entire system has collapsed.Ask them to refer to your admittedly clever remarks for guidance and that their fears are unfounded and that it is safe to venture out after dark and to sit at a street side cafe.You are just too clever to believe your own self serving rhetorical discharge.The entire Goverment of Costa Rica dissagrees with you,not just the opposition.You are funny though.I like your sarcasm.I like you.If I were you, I would conduct my business indoors and keep my after dark activity confined to the green zone.You are not going to get mugged at the Gran Hotel but to discredit the validity ot Costa Ricas's Attorney General statements to the nation is "foolish".Question his insights,not mine.Continued good luck and stay safely inmersed in the local culture but don't forget to have at least some cash and a cell phone when forcefully aproached.If you think like a Tico,dress like a Tico, walk like a Tico,talk like a Tico,that will keep you safe.Don't forget to duk.Tantas veces va el cantaro a la fuente hasta que se rompe.Ask your Tico friends what that means.They know.I read their comments on crime in Costa Rica in La Nacion everyday.Please don't reply to me,reply to the Attorney General.He needs your patriotic insight into this missinformation campaign about crime in Costa Rica.He seems to be concerned about "nothing".
  9. I find your tone refreshing and I welcome it.I will not take issue with you placing me on the "other side of the barrell".I am not assaulting houses in Pavas,nor have I challenged you to a gun fight.I appreciate your concern for my safety.I don't think the Attorney General,The Head of The Supreme Court and the Minister of the Presidency are as willing and able to show "The Perps the other side of the barrell".By the way these thugs come in bunches and very heavily armed;machine guns,assault rifles and are not afraid of "Buccanneers".To kill a maid and a peruvian stand by qualifies as assasination but your implication that this was a contract assasination is wishfull thinking.Your discourse is a bit more belligerent than before,sounding more like the Missouri compatriot.You have turned into the Bahama Papa:the meanest man in the whole Pavas downtown. EDITED Now we know your real fears:You don't want to go back to hell.You prefer violence in Purgatory.The impunity afforded criminals in Costa Rica does not exist in Miami.Thanks for your consistent invitation not to join you,but to threaten me if I were to"play rough" is infantile.Did you call me a perp? EDITED I would not be that emotional and if I were a local thug I would feel very unsafe given your combat ready and take no prisoner attitude.Remenber this:Three men with machine guns always kill the man with the shot gun.Do you think that Kahuna is a closet "Rambo" too.Interesting dynamics.Ver para creer.
  10. I am back.I will be nice,but I can not leave.I am sorry you don't like me.If an expresidential candidate's house was the subject of armed robbery twice in one week and the perpetrators aprehended twice ,two defenseless people killed.Ask Toledo about crime in Costa Rica.If I remenber correctly,he was recently the Karl Roe of Costa Rican presidency.What makes you safe in Pavas?.You know something the Attorney General doesn't?
  11. Crime is out of control in Costa rica.If you don,t beleive me ask Costa Rica's Attorney General.So you prefer Jack Daniels.You are a southern bleeding heart.A John edwards type?.You dissagree with the Attorney General.What do you read?.What do you drink?.What do you do all day,other than evade criminals?.You are a nice,gentle american liberal.
  12. Crime is out of control in Costa rica.If you don,t beleive me ask Costa Rica's Attorney General.So you prefer Jack Daniels.You are a southern bleeding heart.A John edwards type?.You dissagree with the Attorney General.What do you read?.What do you drink?.What do you do all day,other than evade criminals?.You are a nice,gentle american liberal.
  13. Just follow up on the country's Attorney General's comments of La Nacion:"Crime out of control":March,23,2007.Costa Rica's top law enforcement officer,not a drunk in serious denial.Who is in serious denial?.You are part of a group of apologists for whom there is no cure,because you see no problem .

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