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  1. We attended the January ARCR seminar and would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone looking for info on Costa Rica. The folks at ARCR know what they're talking about and know how to put together a very valuable seminar. Most of the topics and speakers were outstanding and the chance to meet people added to the mix. Plan on staying for happy hour even if all you drink is bottled water. What was the name of the courier service in Miami that can deliver your packages (for instance, Amazon purchases) to you in CR? My understanding is you establish a p.o. box address in Miami and the courier delivers it to you. Are there other options? For instance, out of Phoenix or Houston or LA? I've never heard of this before and want to know if they're reliable, expensive, etc.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I was mainly talking about computer equipment, monitors, laptops, including simple networking stuff, printers, cartridges for printers, etc. The kinds of things I buy here mostly online, or go to Staples (CA) for supplies. I run OSX on a Powerbook and use a wide variety of design software. The ARCR seminars look great. I think we're attending those since we're signed up to tour with Chris. I'll ask . . . Hope to meet you there. judith
  3. How available is electronic equipment in CR? Do you go to stores, shop the net, or is there a local importer? Are you charged import taxes on used equipment, for instance laptops? We are coming on an exploratory visit the end of January and would like to meet anyone who has knowledge in these areas. Not looking to duplicate the US urban experience! But these (along with broadband) are part of our lives and passions so we're focusing on the San Jose area. Compliments to TG and ARCR for this excellent website. Judith James juju@judithjames.com

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