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    Hola Lil: You should check out www.welovecostarica.com for excellent information on what can really be done here. You can also go back in the archives of the "retirement" section of www.insidecostarica.com and get an idea of our life here. You might also consider taking my tour. You can check it out and check my references by email at www.costaricaretireonss.com Pura vida, George Lundquist
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    Hola Fransyl: I signed up with Banco Nacional the first week it was available. I had been using Direct Deposit in Bank of America. The forms are supplied by USSS and were not clear for switching Direct Deposit. The girl on the 15th floor of the B/N main building worked with me and we got it filled out. I was very concerned about my deposit being lost in limbo for the rest of my life. Much to my great relief, my deposit was in the B/N on the first try and has been in there, available for withdrawl on the 3rd of every month since. Pura vida, George Lundquist www.costaricaretireonss.com

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