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  1. Jessica, we will seriously consider renting for more than one month. Thank you for the mathematical calculations for figuring out long term rental prices. If utilities are not included, $2,000 per month. Appreciate the "heads up" on electrical rates.
  2. Beginning in 2012, my family and I plan on staying in Costa Rica for at least one month at a time. We would like references to long term rentals in or near Playa Guiones. We can pay up to $3,000 per month rent if all utilities, etc. are included ($2,000 per month if utilities, etc. are not included). What we would like in a long term rental: air conditioning, high speed Internet, television (nice to have but not necessary), at least 2 bedrooms (and 1 bathroom), near the beach, location where a car is not needed (we would like rent a car because we want to, not because we have to), full kitchen, furnished, and no lease. It will be myself, my husband, our daughter, 20, and our son, 9 (3 adults and 1 child). We don't smoke and we have no pets. I didn't see many long term rentals on the Nosara Beach Rentals website.
  3. My son, Kobe (now 8), and I met Ronni at an Applebee's in Las Vegas, Nevada almost two years ago. She was so much fun to be around and we enjoyed her company. We are saddened by her condition. Laura K
  4. expat99, A video of you swearing in as a naturalized citizen of Costa Rica would be really nice. Anyone who wants to be a citizen of Costa Rica better be really sure since they can't changed their mind. Twice the taxes, etc. is no fun. Thank you for the additional information. Laura K
  5. expat99, Thank you for the explanation of "naturalization" and "citizenship". Many people don't want to be citizens because they don't want to be under the jurisdiction of two governments. Keep us posted on whether or not you will apply for naturalization. Laura K
  6. expat99, Congratulations for applying for naturalization. Not easy task. It's great that your children are dual citizens. What are the similarities and differences between naturalization and citizenship? You are very helpful. Laura K
  7. expat99, Now I added "naturalization" to my slogan. Appreciate the reminder about Naturalization. Thank you for the update on dual citizenship for Americans. I like both of your slogans. How about combining the two slogans? Citizenship and Naturalization; it's a personal choice or Naturalization and Citizenship; it's a personal choice. You are right. In some cases, citizenship is not a personal choice. Now I understand why Nicaraguans want to be Costa Rican citizens. I am learning a lot from you. Laura K
  8. costaricafinca, it is just for fun. Nothing wrong with having some fun on this forum.
  9. expat99, I changed "you" to "us". The information you gave me is very interesting and fascinating. A while back, I did ask about citizenship for Americans on this forum. I was told that it isn't worth the "hassle" of being under two governments. Also, it is easier for Canadians to have dual citizenship. If you have a slogan, please feel free to share. Laura K
  10. epat99, Thank you for your opinion. I would have said it the way you suggested but I didn't want it to be all about me. I don't want people to think I'm self-centered. Laura K
  11. Here is my slogan. What do you think? Residency, Naturalization, and Citizenship: Good for us; good for Costa Rica.
  12. @Kenn: Today, I called the Technical Support Department at Rosetta Stone. The problem was the different microphone settings on my computer and Rosetta Stone's. Now the microphone settings are the same and the speech recognition is working well now.
  13. ciciclista: This is what Randy says: "The only people in America that don't see corruption are politicians, lawyers, and bankers."
  14. Cathy, I asked my husband, Randy, why the dollar is not gaining more worth. This is what he told me: "The dollar is a piece of paper and has no intrinsic value. It can be created in unlimited amounts by the Federal Reserve. So the value of your dollar. such as it is, is based on the solvency of the United States government. The United States government collect in taxes about two trillion dollars per year. They have outstanding liability at the present time of about 200 trillion dollars. It's only be the grace of God that the dollar you hold is worth more than a piece of toilet paper. If the average citizen could do basic math, the whole charade would collapse in a few minutes. Buy gold and silver and possibly be one of the survivors or trust the United States government to do the right thing. Your choice." Sincerely, Laura K