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  1. on united up to 10 pounds inside plane. one pet per person. dont know about other airlines
  2. LOL. yeah i did. anyway. i got in line at my bank BNCR at 755. Guapiles Branch opens at 830 also . i was number 9 customer went straight over to BCR, it opens at 9. i was customer number 3. wow. and the taxes were 144.15. so i had a very good morning.
  3. thanks yall. i will just head that way and get in line as i see there usually is when we drive by/. i usually go mid day. but lately one hour wait. not even on mondays and fridays,. two hours some times. even for us with commercial accts
  4. and can corp tax only be paid at bcr. i need to do that too before we get out of here. we always try to make good on all things.
  5. two of ours will fly inside cabin. these are our two smallest. the other five will fly in cargo (petsafe) United, i had to contact CR PET Services ( I GIVE THEM GOOD RECOMMENDATION) you give them weight and flight details and they figure your charge. sInce we have five pets in cargo, they had to make two air frieght.bills cost for 5 . (4 cats) 8-10 pounds each and 2 dogs that weigh 16 pounds each cost 650.00 just for pet services to do paper work and transfer pets to terminal and tag kennels and all that. THIS WAS DEPOSITED DIRECT TO THEIR CORP BANK ACCOUNT, 4 WEEKS PRIOR Now the united fee totals 1550.00 for the five, BASED ON WEIGHTS AND DESTINATIONS. 125,00 each for the in cabin pets SO ALL TOTAL FOR 7 PETS IS RIGHT At 2500.00 plus HEALTH CERTIFICATES FROM VET. MT VET CHARGED ME 40,00 EACH SINCE I HAD so MANY PETS. USUALLY 55-60.00 EACH. so 2500.00 plus 280.00 2780.00 TOTAL TOTAL RABIES MUST BE DONE WITHIN 30 DAYS TO ONE YEAR PRIOR FOR PETS GOING TO TEXAS so dont wait til last minute.. FYI pets get dropped three hours before flight at another bldg 1 km from passenger terminal then they take them to airport. they will be kept in climate controlled area and loaded last before we leave. i will remind my stewardess. that i know well and love that they are on there and to remind captain (as per my united pilot friend) so i feel good about it.. the flight area for them on the plane will have pressurized air and ac and LIghts SOME THINK IM CRAZY BUT MY FURKIDS ARE PART OF OUR FAMILY AND I WOULD NEVER LEAVE THEM BEHIND. thanks ARCR. our journey together has been well. its just time for us to be back in TEXAS after five years. God bless you all laura
  6. HERES the REAL SCOOP sent on august 21 from houston to here. went to indiana. florida. panama and then alajuela then to heredia at 9am . tehn on to being delivered to FED EX paseo colon office at NOON on 23rd of august. i picked it up at 1203PM. had it shipped to the FED EX office address. had HOLD FOR DELIVERY signed documents and resent immediately 1218PM. the guy was very bilingual and very customer friendly i tracked it later and it was back at airport in alajuela at 118PM on the 23rd. cusotm 218PM, in houston 400am and was delivered to my recipient in houston at 1020AM on the AM of the 24th HOWS THAT FOR SERVICE we were very impressed. now i dont know about home delivery. LOL that coulda taken a while we drove 1.5 hours to san jose to get it and we were happy , got to shop in tibas on the way. Way to GO FED EX... ARCR rocks..
  7. any recommendations. that really work. it will be coming form Houston., and we love by Guapiles please help and advise send to info my email please lahowell63@yahoo.com thanks all of you ARCR ROCKS Laura
  8. my friend has a pet rescue home. email me and i will hook yall up! lahowell63@yahoo.com
  9. MORE protein. is what we say. been here five years.. a little ANT never hurt NOBODY. AMEN got a funny story. we bought a local bottle of honey with a apuch in cap. due to air bubble the cap popped out one night. the next day the honey was full of ants. we NOW call it ants and honey and its good with yogurt and cereal. and on banana nut bread. New meaning to ANTS ON A LOG LOL hehe!! jajaja! hahahah!@!
  10. simply simple. also you can cheat and use cake mix in a box. Melt butter in 9 x 11 pan. cover with brown sugar , slice fresh starfruit and lay all over just as if you are making pineapple up side donw cake. pour fav cake mix on top and bake according to directions. let cool. them dump upside down on tray . and eat it up. muy rico. and invite us to come eat some. LOL i keep it in fridge so the little ants do eat it. LOL
  11. Anyone know of any places that you have bought one. we looked at a toro riding today. in US it is the 999.00 and its 2000.00 here in guapiles area. just looking ot see if yall know of any other places. Checked on shipping a zero radius down here 3000 for mower 2000 for shipping and taxes. trying to decide. our good friends need one also. so. please any info would be helpful. Thanks Laura and Tom
  12. yes it did. now its sit and wait to be notified. i think i put an update on my origianl post. the lawyer tjings is done and finished also. Thank you all
  13. Left Guapiles area 440AM stopped by to pick up a pilot friend that got a ticket too, and then we got to cosevi right before 7. Line was already started down side walk. About 40 before us, but most of them there for Drivers Liscense. we were 6 ane 7 th in line., gave them letter. the guy reads it, looks in computer, STAMPS IT. and says thank you and says we will be on contact, out by 745AM. i was surprised that there was hardly anyone there. I figured there would be thousands. If we do not win appeal or if thye drop charges. we will file on them for not notifying us in 10 days after we got ticket. I had to find out in the Tico Times. only read article because i wanted to see IF our friends got any. and lo and behold we did the only day of two that we were ever even in SJ. LOL on our way to airport. Wild huh. and we did not speed yesterday!! Hallelujah!! SO.... lets see what happens. i guess they will send us a email. everybody here lets keep everybody updated OK. OK Thank Yall Hats off to ARCR for being so informative and helpful!! Laura
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