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  1. on united up to 10 pounds inside plane. one pet per person. dont know about other airlines
  2. LOL. yeah i did. anyway. i got in line at my bank BNCR at 755. Guapiles Branch opens at 830 also . i was number 9 customer went straight over to BCR, it opens at 9. i was customer number 3. wow. and the taxes were 144.15. so i had a very good morning.
  3. thanks yall. i will just head that way and get in line as i see there usually is when we drive by/. i usually go mid day. but lately one hour wait. not even on mondays and fridays,. two hours some times. even for us with commercial accts
  4. and can corp tax only be paid at bcr. i need to do that too before we get out of here. we always try to make good on all things.
  5. two of ours will fly inside cabin. these are our two smallest. the other five will fly in cargo (petsafe) United, i had to contact CR PET Services ( I GIVE THEM GOOD RECOMMENDATION) you give them weight and flight details and they figure your charge. sInce we have five pets in cargo, they had to make two air frieght.bills cost for 5 . (4 cats) 8-10 pounds each and 2 dogs that weigh 16 pounds each cost 650.00 just for pet services to do paper work and transfer pets to terminal and tag kennels and all that. THIS WAS DEPOSITED DIRECT TO THEIR CORP BANK ACCOUNT, 4 WEEKS PRIOR Now the
  6. HERES the REAL SCOOP sent on august 21 from houston to here. went to indiana. florida. panama and then alajuela then to heredia at 9am . tehn on to being delivered to FED EX paseo colon office at NOON on 23rd of august. i picked it up at 1203PM. had it shipped to the FED EX office address. had HOLD FOR DELIVERY signed documents and resent immediately 1218PM. the guy was very bilingual and very customer friendly i tracked it later and it was back at airport in alajuela at 118PM on the 23rd. cusotm 218PM, in houston 400am and was delivered to my recipient in houston at 1020AM on
  7. any recommendations. that really work. it will be coming form Houston., and we love by Guapiles please help and advise send to info my email please lahowell63@yahoo.com thanks all of you ARCR ROCKS Laura
  8. my friend has a pet rescue home. email me and i will hook yall up! lahowell63@yahoo.com
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