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  1. Hi Jean

    I enjoyed your post. My wife and I are considering moving to the Lake Arenal area, probably near Tileran in 3 years. We are country people here in Canada and live a simple life. We estimate a monthly expense of $1500 with a second hand car and mortgage free Tico house. Any comments?


  2. It would be helpful if you did not speak "in code". It also adds more credibilty to your opinion.
  3. I'd like to add another note about Medical Transcriptionists. Over the years, I have met ---one---who does it from her home. This is a profession that has many levels of expertise. The woman I know has 30+years of experience and continued education. New graduates of Med Trans programs generally have a tough time finding an "entry" level position at a hospital or physicians office. It's just not that simple. Unfortunately the TV ads make it seem like instant riches with little effort, all in the comfort of your jammies and slippers....again, the only ones getting rich are the guys who wrote the books...jp
  4. The smartest "Docs" I know (and I know quite a few) work long hours...worry about people...and save lives...and are not nearly as rich as folks believe....jp
  5. as long as it is not Charles....that's all I care about, because we have really made up our mind about using his company, based on other user reports. and our meeting with him. jp
  6. KK..could you be more specific about the problems? I also think it's important we know who the shipper is...
  7. There is a rather famous Costa Rican group called "Editus" but I'm not sure that their "sound" is unusually unique to Costa Rica.
  8. I would like to add a comment here, without getting a debate started..just flying out one person's opinion based on a long life in many places. I find Costa Rican's no more or less racist than anyone else. In Northern Italy, they look down their noses at the Sicilians....In Northern China the Han consider themselves superior to the Sichuan and south.....We know the history of the Aussies and the Indiginous people...I have many "black" Costa Rican friends as well as "white" Costa Rican friends...in our circle of friends, everybody gets along with everybody else...the only time I saw an eyebrow raised at our mixed group was by a visiting French woman...go figure. Anyhow, Laura, relax....no worries, life in Costa Rica is fraught with many problems, all of which are aired frequently in this forum, but in my opinion, race is not one of them.
  9. Well, everywhere that development occurs..houses, malls, offices, etc. Displaces wildlife in Costa Rica. Last year there was a photo in A.M. Costa Rica of a small Boa Constrictor that was found wrapped around some ceiling joists....this was in a devoped city area. Spiders and scorpions are plentiful just about everywhere. We saw some pretty big ones in MonteVerde that the kids were "showing off" to the tourists. We've had bats fly through the various restaurants where we were dining...again in a rather built up area...so.....you don't necessarily have to go to the jungle or mountains to see your share of "wild life"...but hey that's part of the adventure!!!!! and getting back to the topic at hand, my feeling is if you have to "sell" your spouse on ANYTHING in life...if won't work out. Important decisions like retirement and relocation require that everybody be on board right from the start. jp
  10. As a point of reference, may I ask how much the loveseats cost? We are trying to do some planning. Thanks! jp
  11. Our experience with the Do-It -Center was only so-so. We were not furnishing a condo, just buying household stuff. they do have everything you can think of....but they are very expensive (imho) and I'm not impressed with the quality. I bought a plain old sponge mop (19.00 US!) it fell apart with the first use. Bought a better quality toilet seat than the one in our cabina. It was American Standard, and was fine. My husband bought a pair of work gloves which lasted about 3 hours working in the yard....and we declined to buy a pair of hand garden clippers at $29.00. Lesson here? Ticos don't use sponge mops..they use the oldfashioned rag mops like your grandma used. They don't wear garden gloves, and they use machetes for everything. So this doesn't answer your question about furnishing your condo...yes..they have everything you could probably need...but as they say "caveat emptor"....jp
  12. the problem at night..specifically out in the country is that there are no street lights! and it is very very very dark. Without guard rails on roads and with cattle wandering off and on the road as well as the occasional drunk driver, and oh...did I mention driving rain that your wipers can't keep up with? as well as no road signs ?No...STAY OFF THE ROADS AT NIGHT.
  13. Sabo is correct, taking taxi's everywhere you go in San Jose is the only way to do it. the cost of taxi ing everywhere is just about the same as the daily car rental plus gas. and you get to sit in the back seat. Driving outside of San Jose, in the country or to the beaches is exactly as I described it in my post. Just pay attention to what you are doing, drive slowly,and NEVER at night.
  14. ??? Why would you need a driving school, if you already know how to drive?
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