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  1. Yes to have or not to have. But, I vbelieve that if you look at some states that have many legal carrying guns citizens you will find that the crime rate is lower then in states that do not permit guns. I believe Vermobt and Oklahoma are two such locations. I use to carry for many years after I retired from the Coast Guard, where I carried many times in the apprenhancion of drug rummers. I will be giong back to live in the states where I can again carry legally. Ron USCG Ret
  2. I wish you luck in your search for property. But in my opinion do not ask a realtor, the price will be 50% higher, go to the area you like and talk to the locals you will do a hole lot better in the price. Ron USCG Ret
  3. Well the mighty KENN has spoken everyone should bow to you now. If you as smart as you want eveyone to know, then you would know that the Coast Guard USA has not been involved in very many wars. Thier main job if you spent the time to research is the save lives of boaters and starting in the 70s enforce drug smuggling laws. And if you think that living anywhere in the world there is a peaceful country go there and let the rest of us live here in our own world. Maybe you should move to another country untry you find your peaceful country. Ron USCG Ret
  4. Well you sure are opinionated, and I did stat facts. But It seems that I did not read any facts in all of your posts. Besides If you are such a great American why don t you move back and then you would not have to worry about what the US Military may do here. And yes you could say I am an expert on Military after 26 years served. Ron USCG Ret
  5. Hi I know that as far as the Marines they have no authority to make any arrests, and Navy Personal have no authority to make arrests. ONLY the Coast Guard has that authority and that is also valid in International waters. As for the press release about Marines some press tends to link ALL military to the Marines. Another fact that I was originally involved with is the Navy Ships only act as a platform for the USCG Boarding Parties who actually do all the boarding and arrests. And last I heard that has not changed in the past 34 years since I was involved in using the Navy, also I was involved in startup of the Drug Task Force out of Maimai and involved the DEA, FBI, ATF, US Customs Patrol, and the Coast Guard. And many times the Coast guard does go out and stay out for up to 6 months out at a time except for brief port calls for supplies and the good R and R. Ron USCG Ret
  6. really spent any time in the USA Military would know that Kenn, Appatently you were a draft dodger back in the 60s. Because any person that really spent any time in the USA Military would know that you are not overly informed in the acts of the USCG. I spent over 20 years there and was involved in the Cuban Muriel boat exeduses, Teaching the Bahama and Puerto Rico Coast Guards how to make boat stops and drug seizures and arrests of all persons on the boat. And if you that the drug cartels are not a problem here in Costa Rica either you do not live here or you do not read the paper nor watch the Tico news. Ron USCG Ret
  7. Thank you everyone, I think I understand what you are saying, I just have not seen it when watching different construction sites I have watched here in CR. Ron USCG Ret
  8. Hi, I also use to build and restore homes in the States. I also stop and watch many buildings going up here and there are many different building processes. The only one that I see and do not quite understand is why it seems to me that corners where two walls intersect do not seem to be interlocking but use a solid poured corner with block walls butting up to the solid poured corners. Maybe rebar interlocks but I have watched and saw no rebar to lock corners together. Any body know how the corners are locked together. Thank You Ron USCG Ret
  9. Hi Sabo, That is great that you got your permit before the new law took effect. I believe the dat for the new law was back in December or January. After some cops got killed in San Jose by some Jamacian drug dealers with illegal guns. So now the new law NO guns or permits without being legal Perment Resident. Ron USCG Ret
  10. I will finally be there by 25 Sept 09

  11. Email me at andy@boomersoffshore.com

  12. Hi, I have gone to rent.co.cr web site but none of the links open, can not search listings, and the Skype phone number is not valid. If someone can put them in touch with me that would be great. alves_ron@yahoo.com Thank you Ron USCG Ret
  13. Hi, I am looking for a small room in a house somewhere near San Jose for my lady friend until I can get moved down there in June or July. Nothing fancy but clean and with some furniture. and kitchen priveliges and bathroom. Hopefully for about $100 to $150 per month. Any one know of such a place. My lady friend is very clean and quiet. Ron
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