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  1. You can transfer between accounts as many times as you wish on any given day.
  2. Yesterday I emailed Randy to see if he would list our property in the area on his website. He responded quickly as to the asking price. I furnished that, and he immediately determined that the house was overpriced and as such would not be able to list. He stated that he only is interested in homes that are discounted and great value for his clients! He knew nothing of the house and advised in a follow up email that he only considers listing a house based on his Analysis! He did not have any info to make an analysis. I was aware of many negative comments about cr.home.com but thought I would give him the privilege of offering our home for sale. My first and last experience with Randy Berg and his company was completely unprofessional and will not recommend to buyers or sellers.
  3. "but then again they don't have Wal-Marts here either (yet)." Of course, you mean Walmarts with USA prices! Walmart is everywhere in C.R.
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