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  1. Thanks. I almost bought the book on amazon. Mary
  2. Hi Kahuna - Are you comfortable discussing the "Scott Oliver scams" you referred to above? If not, can you direct me to a source for that info. I tried a term search in this forum and found nothing. If not, its O.K. I've been reflecting on my last posting on the other website and realize that not everyone is going to be as comfortable with the threat of lawsuits as I am since I deal with the law every day, including almost daily inquiries into the possibility of filing defamation lawsuits. Mary
  3. Have you posted this on the other website? I think those are all valid issues. My comment about it going under is in response to a posting by the administrator. I still think the site is potentially great if people's comfort level is increased. mary
  4. Hello Everyone - The above mentioned forum is going under if more experienced people don't start posting. What a shame to lose this potentially great resource. Mary
  5. I posted this inquiry on the potentially great website but it looks like to date the majority of members are people like me who are looking for answers not so much those of you out there with all the info. Although I did get a couple of responses for which I am thankful, I still don't have my question answered, so here goes. Has anyone gone on a Christopher Howard tour? We're planning a trip to CR within the next 60 days for the purpose of attending the seminar and getting an idea of where we might ultimately want to live when we move down in June. Since we haven't decided whether to buy, build or rent (and won't for 6 months to a year after we retire), I'm looking for a tour with the broadest possible perspective, both urban and rural, not too high end or low end.
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