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  1. I just move here and live in Escazu, where can I find the business papers at around here? Thanks Tim P
  2. [ Surgery is an option, but is not guaranteed to completely fix the problem (and can make it worse). I am considering surgery while still in the USA, but also contemplating surgery after we move to CR (next spring). Has anyone had this in CR? thanks in advance! Julie Julie I'd forget the surgery myself. I spent a week in CR two years ago with my BPAP machine and had no problems with Electric etc. I'm now selling my home and plan on moving down this October. I'd be concerned but Not worried as it should work out OK! tim
  3. Bumper10248

    Retiring in CR

    [Their are no weight limits to get into Costa Rica, you can bring as much as you like. I think it would be best to say you are a tourist or they may charge you tax on some of your items, and they may anyway. Good Luck Bill Thanks for your reply Bill. I certainly will do my best to keep the weight down and then pray there are no added fees or at least ones I can afford. I'm hoping to be in Costa Rica again by the end of Sep. TY
  4. Bumper10248

    Retiring in CR

    I'm wondering if there are any ways to bring a little extra baggage weight when I first move to CR? Even if I have to pay a little extra for the added weight I'm wondering if it can be done? Is it best to say you are just a tourist when first entering CR even if you have already started the process for a Pensionaro? Is there a bag limit or weight when you firast arrive? I'm looking to bring with me the following items, two laptops, one camera, one small TV, CDs & DVDs plus some travel books and some of my favorite books. Perhaps twenty or twentyfive larger books which do weigh a bit. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Tim P
  5. As the move gets closer the need for answers grows! My home here is now listed with a realtor just this week and already I've had four families come thru and one offer. We are thinking of staying at an aparthotel in San Jose and I'm wondering what is the average length of time for most folks to find more permenant and exceptable housing? If we use the services of ARCR what's your best guess on the length of time to begin feeling you are well situated? By that I mean you are living where you like and you have the means or knowledge needed to get around the country fairly easily? Thanks
  6. Bumper10248

    IT Info

    [those are the two that can really cause a bad day I don't remember needing to do that two years ago when I was down there. I know I payed my hotel bill with a credit card and may have even used an ATM machine. Perhaps because those cards are through a military Credit Union and they expect them to be used around the world. I'll ask the question next time I visit my Credit Union. Thanks for your imput, BobC. Later Bump
  7. Bumper10248

    Just got back

    Dear Mike I'm sorry if my writing came accross as insulting, it wasn't ment to. I just came on line here after not posting for perhaps a year or so. And I posted without reading any other replies so please forgive me. I too travel, act and think by my gut. I fail to use spell check and other things which I suppose I should. My wife just last night said the hell with it, lets go and the first post I read Mike was yours. I guess you can tell from my post that I think CR is a very nice place and I can't wait to get back there. I do appoligize if I was offensive a bit, sorry again. If you don't have a right to your own opinion you don't many rights to begin with. Tim I hear too that AZ is quite lovely in it's own way and I'm glad you have a spot to enjoy as much as you do!!! Not only is my mouth big but so is my foot...
  8. Well the time is near, the wife says sell the house so here's my question. As of today what different options will I have while renting in CR to connect to the web and do a little needed business. I'm trying to learn the different ways and cost involved in communicating with family and friends and also be able to due banking and 401K stocks moves. If I failed to see a post on the subject please forgive me! Thank You Tim
  9. Bumper10248

    Just got back

    Dear Micheal Quinn I'm glad to hear everything is rosey in good old AZ and that you and your wife enjoy it so much. I've read your letter about all the reseach and such that you have done. Also of note is that you joined in May 05 I believe. You've traveled around the world and spend 7 years traveling the US. I guess all is fine with you as long as you bring along your RV! Now little old me grew up as a boy scount and have camped in Summer, Winter snow and in Canada where our small group was left alone for two weeks on an island 24 miles from shore at the ripe old age of 14. Later I joined the Army and was stationed in Germany for two years and traveled through Europe. Still later in life working for Uncle Sam I lived two years in Japan and also traveled throughout Asia. At age 57 I have traveled to 18 different countries spending two years each in two of them. Mike, I would venture to say you have traveled a lot but failed to stay in any one place for any lengh of time to really learn what it is all about. You knew the roads would be bad as everyone complaints about them. And just perhaps you drove so fast on main roads that you saw so little wild life. I started my studing of CR back in 1998 when I first met a most beautiful woman in New Jersey named Rosa, from a southern town in CR. Such a friendly and charming woman whom stole my heart right away but only in a friendly sense. I'm planning on moving down there this year some time after finally visiting for ten days in June of 2005. I saw birds, a flock of Scarlet Macaws flighing over head one morning in Jaco. I visited a lovely little Zoo near San Jose and saw so many native animals. If you went driving without a map I'd say you weren't too prepared, remember the boy scout motto, "Be Prepared". I spent two years in Japan and after the world war II the Americas put up street signs but they are all gone now. The only streets that are named now are highways and they are named by number only. Each little section of Tokyo has a small map to direction locals to where they need to go. And they are a first world country my friend. Perhaps I may not learn to love Costa Rica but it is for sure that I will at least stayed long enough to learn it's good points as well as it's bad. Thanks for your Letter Tim peterson
  10. I was wondering if the yearly four month stay requirement for residency has to be four months in a row? Or can it be a total stay of 120 + _ days within a one year period? If one was to come say, three different time a year and spend a total each year of 120 days + _ , would it count for the residency requirement? Thank You Tim
  11. Bumper10248


    I just retired on 8 June so I'm getting closer to being able to make my permenant move to CR. I was wondering if the recent passage of CAFTA there in the US has had or will have a positive affect on the amount of taxes CR charges for importing US built cars? Goes anyone out there know the answer? Thanks Tim Peterson
  12. Bumper10248

    2 week stay in san jose

    I just returned from 8 days and stayed at the Hotel Occidental Torremolinos in Sabana section of San Jose, The hotel and staff were wonderful but a bit more pricey then $25. a night. Prior to us leaving the states I was finding round trip airfares for $250. from Philadelphia, on line. Perhaps if you can get your airfare down you may be able to afford a better hotel. They supply free, full buffet breakfast with omletts made to oder. They have a swimming pool and the staff couldn't be more friendly or helpful. On Father's day my family of three eat at a local seafood restuarant called Princess Marinia in San Jose. I had a four lobstertail dinner with a Heineken and my wife and son had filet migeon dinners with cokes. The bill had a 10% service charge plus 16% tax all for a total of $26. US dollars. I believe the Torremolinos gives a discount to ARCR members but you can check with Ryan on that. We loved our time in Costa Rica and are now planning on becoming residents just as soon as possible! Good Luck Tim
  13. Hola I have two questions about the different types of residents. The first one is the four months in country requirement for a calendar year or from the date of the application. My second question, is this same requirement met if I as the head of my family spend four months a year in country or must my wife and son met this also each year? Thanks Tim
  14. Bumper10248

    Selling cars in Costa Rica

    Well I tried...
  15. Hola As a newbie here I'm a little confused about something I read this morning in A. M. Costa Rica. I've just received my birth certificate for the purpose of trying to become a Pensionado or Rentista, which status I'm still not sure I'll be seeking. I'm confused as to a requirement to have the signatures on these documants verifed by the secertary of state of the state in which they were issued. Is this a requirement of initial applicants or is this only something for folks renewing their present status in Costa Rica? It's snowing this morning in New Jersey, about two inches so far. I can't wait till the end of June when I'll findly get to be in Costa Rica. Thank You Tim

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