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  1. I would just toss the US pp if you have CR citizenship and a CR pp. But paying $2400 just to renounce your US would probably be a financial burden. Just let it go....
  2. Eleanor, it will be interesting to see what the embassy says, I would guess that if you are still a US citizen, you may be required to keep a US passport for foreign travel. But let us know what they say.
  3. Elenor, just hold onto the US passport, if you also have a CR one, use that if you travel to other countries. But I would ask the US embassy about this first. It may make going back to the states to visit much more difficult than its worth.
  4. No, if you go to the CR embassy site, I think they have a list of the types of felonies that would disqualify one for residency. They are only looking at serious one.
  5. Hi, and welcome. Also, be sure to check out the Expats in Costa Rica page if you are on Facebook.
  6. Are you also on Facebook? Try posting on the Expats in Costa Rica page.
  7. Hello!

    If you are on FAcebook, look for the exptas in Costa Rica pages.
  8. I think that T-moble has the dual sim Blu phones, we have one here and its pretty good, not a super smart one, but all we use it for is the 'phone' function.
  9. I don't buy shark myself, but I do sometimes see it in the store labled as something else than what it really is. But, on the other hand, I would prefer seeing the whole shark being used for something than just finned and thrown back into the sea to die.
  10. After a certian point, we had to constantly email and call out ARCR atty until we finally got resolution. I hear she is no longer there.
  11. I just did mine, Printout the form before hand and have it all filled out. Make the appointment. Take a number as you go in. and it should take a few mintues. there is a little photo booth inside were you can get the pictures for about C2000. They will email you in about a week or so, and you just need to go in with the receipt and your old passport to pick it up. At the number dispenser, choose 'Pick up passport', no appointment for that needed for that. ps: I applied for a regular passport, but they issued one with extra pages.
  12. If he can't pay online, then he needs someone that he can trust to pay for him. If service gets shut off, its a royal pain to get it turned back on.
  13. Hi, we received a request for updated CAJA info, and we have been trying to email it for awhile, but every time we get it returned with a message that says the 'Mailbox qouta is full". Please let Alajandro know this, and post here when this issue is resolved so we can send the requested info. Thanks, Dana

    As I have mentioned, we applied in 2010, but did not get our resolutions until 2012. BUT, we also kept pressing our arcr atty on a regular basis after the 1st year. Squeaky wheels and all that. PS, I think THIS particular forum (visitors) is not the place to post your personal info, like phone numbers.