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  1. Did you try using a VPN for the online transaction, to mask that you are in CR?
  2. DanaJ


    While the Cruz Roja is only accepting food, local groups can take food and clothing. A local group in Atenas did just that and took bedding, towels, and some other clothing items up to the affected areas the other day. They also asked for some cooking and other kitchen supplies too. So look around you there are ways to help out.
  3. DanaJ


    For those not in affected areas, the Cruz Roja is accepting cash and food donations in almost every town. If its all you can do , buy some rice & beans and donate.
  4. Doppelt, I think there are currently US and Euro sanctions on Ukraine. That could be the reason. Thus you may have to wait until next year.
  5. ANY newer TV made in the past 10+ years should have either VGA, or HDMI, or another compatible computer connection. Also, if you are trying to connect a laptop, you will need to hook it up, then press one of the F keys to switch between the PCs screen, and the TV. Check your PC to see which works. Another alternative is to use Chrome Cast to stream from a laptop or tablet to your TV.
  6. There are now a few cable companies offering very competitive internet. Cable Tica, and Tele Cable are a couple. Look them up on Google and see what they offer. I think you may also be able to get cable net without having a Costa Rican Cedula (id card), unlike with ICE. One thing you will need to check where ever you are thinking of living is if cable net is available, and also if it come to your house.
  7. You should also check with the ACA policy to see if they will even cover you outside the US. Also, some may have 'in-country' requirements, such as actually being in the states for a certain number of days. If you don't meet the requirement, you may loose coverage, especially if you show that you have coverage outside the states. For trips back, just get Travelers insurance for the amount of time you will be there.
  8. DanaJ

    Television in CR

    To stop all those ads and popup/unders use AdGuard ad blocker or AdBlock plus as an addon or extension to your browser. Some sites will detect that you are doing this and will not show the video, but they will block almost all ads and let you view a video withou being tricked into downloading some malware.
  9. DanaJ

    The End of an Era

    The local CAJA clinic has gone totally computerized, including patient records, so they can now check online to see if you are paid and up to date.
  10. DanaJ

    Washing machine recommendation?

    Our 10 yo Bosch front loader just quit, so we looked around and after much comparing, bought a Frigidare top loader. It was on sale at the local Monge for a very good price. But we also looked at the Panasonics, Samsungs, a GE, and a new one called Telestar/Ecostar. These were all top loaders, the front loaders we looked at here were just way too expensive. The new brand just seemd cheaply made, and some one told us they don't last long. We almost went for the GE, because it was all metal build, not a plastic lid. The others were just too big for our use, all 16kg machines. But the 13kg one we got is good, and half the price of the GE. So far it does a pretty good job, but also uses more water than the old front loader.
  11. DanaJ

    Decrease in CAJA monthly payment.

    The CAJA works in mysterious ways......
  12. One other option is to check out Slingbox. But you have to have someone in the US willing to let you connect to their service. But then you can watch whatever they have on thier cable/sat service. http://www.slingbox.com/
  13. DanaJ

    Ritive renewal

    Thanks, then if there is no issue on it being done late, I will just wait till I get back.
  14. DanaJ

    Ritive renewal

    Quick question: We will also not be available to do riteve for our old car in Sept. Can I still take it in in Oct? Will there be a 'late charge'? Or should I just have a friend take it in for me?
  15. Thanks,will check the BN site about using in US. Would only need as a backup card. Dana

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