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  1. I just closed a day yesterday with owner financing involved. The process was actually pretty easy. the attorney handles the paperwork, deed, mortgage and all of that gets recorded in the registry along with the terms of the loan. The owner, for example, financed with 60k down from my buyers, 100k was the balance payable over 3 years at 7% interest. Owner financing can vary from owner to owner and developer to developer... Good luck.
  2. Turnando, good luck on your venture. Ron: Perhaps if you deal with unethical Realtors they will tell you 50% higher. Please note that there are honest, ethical people out there. I consider myself one of the few. Not all the agents out there are bad. All you need to do nowadays is Google the name of an agent and find out all about them, their background and credentials. Not all of us are surfers at the beach who came out here to make a buck. Just saying....
  3. David is right. While there is Proxio Pro being used (just recently)as a widely used (though voluntary) MLS system, it's a start. There is also property shelf and TierraMax. I recently switched over to Proxio Pro as it was decided by our CRGAR organization (Costa Rica Global Association of Realtors). I am looking forward to a better way of figuring out values. The last 5 years of being in the real estate biz is tough especially the extra work one has to do lacking a true, universal MLS system, but I can tell you all the professinal organizations are pushing for one. In the end buyers and selle
  4. Hi Rick: My parents as well as 4 of my personal clients have purchased using an IRA. Technically you are not supposed to 'live' in the house, but I know many people who do. Of course, that is up to you, but I wonder how the IRS would know if you live there as a vacation home or not? Either way, it can be done. It's paperwork intensive, but it's a great way to use your own funds to invest in the USA and Costa Rica. If you want to send me a private message, I can email you a 'Guide to Buying Real Estate in your IRA' by Pensco Trust that i have saved in my computer. Most of my clients have used
  5. hatewinter: There are many great deals out there and plenty of Canadians around (Surfside/Potrero is for some reason heavy on the Canadian population, just an FYI). Guanacaste will fit many needs for you. The best location based on what you are speaking of will be Tamarindo/Flamingo areas and points north like Cocos/Hermosa/Ocotal. Come and visit and see which areas fit YOU best. If rental income is a main objective you will have to own property in a more touristed area. We manage properties in many different beach areas and Tamarindo/Flamingo/Cocos/Hermosa are the most popular destinations fo
  6. I am visiting in the states and was able to watch the show. What a crazy guy...and she wasn't much better for going along with. Quite sad about the people who lost their lives and even more chilling that he would befriend these people and then take over their properties and even have parties there! There seems to be evidence that points to possible other deaths that he caused. Only time will tell.
  7. I was 28 when I moved to CR. Not the norm, but I don't regret it in the least. I had lots of family here, so the move was not as terrible for myself or my husband. Take your time, come and visit and check out as many areas as you can. What you read and what you feel about a place may be very different once you see it for yourself. Best of luck. Becky
  8. albacor: Sounds like you spoke to some not-too-bright agents. Anyone that tells you that we have not felt the effect of the world economy is lying. Plain and simple. You need to just come and see what is out there. No offense, but my brother-in-law is from Arkansas and can you really compare Arkansas to Costa Rica?! People move here or vacation here because they love Costa Rica. Not because it's the cheapest place on Earth nor because the laws always make sense (because they don't as you have noticed). My family is from here and I've grown fond of the country because of the people and the sce
  9. Hi Lee: You may want to try these people (based in Brasilito and USA). I don't know if they lend on Fincas, but it's worth a try. They have done a home loan and condo loan for a couple of our clients. Buena suerte! "No Life Ins. Requirement Not A C.R Bank , U.S Processing Please Contact In Costa Rica In the U.S Philip Eitman Vinnie Alvarez pemortgage@gmail.com vinmortgage@gmail.com philcostarcia@gmail.com C.R cell 8361-1000 U.S. 973-256-5777
  10. The major issue in CR is the complete lack of affordable financing. (Rates are around 13% at many banks). The other issue is lack of credit in the USA (which is our biggest buyer here next to Canadians). Those two things leave a lot less of a buyer pool. Our office is down 50% from last year. That is a big number. Many people leveraged their homes (2nd mortgage, HELOC) and the ability to do that now is much harder. I am happy we are selling at all! Property management is good this year--which is a plus. The buyers that are buying are looking for good deals. The 'good deals' go quickly. There
  11. Motivation: I am sorry to hear about your situation. That is really tough and I can only imagine what you are going through. I feel that if you had a Real estate agent that checked every possible problem you could have had with the 'uso de suelo' or land use, would have spared you years of heartache. It sounds you are on the way to a resoluation, but it stinks that it took so much time, stress and money. I am glad you shared your stories, because often times I have to refer clients to the Grecia area and I now know who NOT to send clients to. My parents live in Grecia, and it's a beautiful p
  12. As Sabo said, there is NO complete MLS in CR. However, CRGAR (Costa Rican Global Association of Realtors) and Camara Costaricense de Bienes Raices also has their 'version' of MLS. I don't know where Sabo got his figure of 90% of people buying properites without us real estate folks. That seems very high....
  13. I sat down with an investor group from NY today and we discussed the state of the market here in CR and what is going on in the USA. The biggest issue at hand is the complete lack of credit--or should I say reasonable credit. I've laughed when I received emails from the people at Scotia Bank offering 13.5% financing for our clients. Who in their right minds would pay credit card rates for a home or condo loan? Not many people. The one thing that is helping our non-cash buyers is developer financing. More and more projects are offering special financing, which is a plus. The disappearance of ho
  14. Edf and Travelbumm. In the age of the internet, I can't begin to tell you how much you can find out about a person simply by 'googling' them. Try it. You might be surprised! Having said that, I have a trusted Real Estate attorney by the name of Sergio Solera with Facio y Canas (www.fayca.com) whom I've personally dealt with for many years. The office is located in El Tournon section of San Jose. The office number is: 2258-3880. The best way to find a good attorney is to ask around to trusted individuals and check the attorney's references. I did! A good attorney can tell you whether or not tit
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