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  1. the only thing I know of that several friends do is to hire a caretaker - make sure (1) they are honest and reliable and (2) you have a written contract with them w/ pay and duties stated, drawn up by a lawyer
  2. even if you've never been there, this could make you homesick for Louisiana, and the Atchafalaya National Heritage Area:
  3. a tica friend showed me all her decorations, and where each had come from (multiple generations back), and which were going to which of her children eventually
  4. a friend made tamales w/ her neighbor - took 6 hrs for 100, all the way from picking the banana leaves to steaming the tamales. Her half of the cost was c3.000. :-)
  5. If you like those categories, you should check out expat-blog. I personally detest that organization, because so much of what I post and read are not region specific. Also (on that site), it is awful trying to navigate - click up, down, around, check all the separate sections. ugh. I also don't pay any attention to the tags...
  6. the bank to exchange old for new is the central bank - it is near the central post office in SJ - has all those statues of "ordinary people" in front of it
  7. we searched and searched for the equivalent of an open mic - no luck. you basically have to depend on collecting musician friends for jams/private parties. Joe Anello is a drummer, and plays regularly (Sundays) at a place outside of Grecia - can't remember the name just now - anyone else remember?
  8. de una tica de facebook: ¿Alajuela? Alajuela es algo así este fin de semana... Viernes: 7:00. Los de la Bajura en el parque Juan. 7:30. Cantata con el grupo Cantares en la UTN. Sábado: 12:30. Poás Adentro en el Museo Juan. 2:00 Visita guiada por el Museo. 7:00 Cantata (por si se la perdió) en el Teatro Municipal. Domingo: Juan Cuentacuentos a las 11:00 y a la 1:00 en el Museo Juan. 7:30 Cuentos de Tiquicia en el Museo Juan.
  9. every oven I have ever had in CR had lousy calibration - an oven thermometer helped. Gas ovens (mine, that is) kept a fairly constant temperature, but cookies are particularly susceptible to too hot/cold temperatures.
  10. Blogs are VERY different than "informational websites"! "Blog" is short for Web-log, so by definition, a LOG. You should never expect that someone will go back and change what they recorded in that present. HOWEVER, a website that says it provides information about something definitely should be kept up. In the absence of that, it should at least have some sort of disclaimer about what date it was current.
  11. I mentioned the "mae" thing to a bunch of Tico friends, and they all said "no, not just a guy thing - girls use it just about as much" These were mostly 20 and 30 somethings
  12. yay! hope to see you then! We stayed at a B&B in Grecia, but it was several years ago - it was only a block or two from the central park, had a very nice common area.
  13. you might contact Norman of Jalapeno's in Alajuela - he and a partner import and sell a specific type of car (I don't remember details)
  14. My pleasure! (you may notice a number of other useful pins, like the muy barata farmacia in San Pedro) :-)
  15. I put a placemark on this google map for the guadalupe feria: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=201551500116611878385.0004a3b7379dad87c18a6&msa=0&ll=9.942263,-84.052062&spn=0.022446,0.042272
  16. they are the fruit from a type of coconut tree - and they are something like 98% fat. Not worth it in my book, but plenty of folks like them. You usually have to boil them in salted water, then do something with them. Some eat them straight, add mayo, grate them and make a sort of flour, etc. the nut is edible as well. there are a ton of recipes out there
  17. yep, not quite the same.... http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.kitchenniche.ca/images/french%2520whisk%2520fox%2520run.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.kitchenniche.ca/french-whisk-p-90.html&h=250&w=250&sz=12&tbnid=DIy9pGsyCDnTIM:&tbnh=90&tbnw=90&zoom=1&usg=__mlx0KHRP_U0lX-2E7s5ovbpYQQ8=&docid=gXhkk64EHhlU9M&hl=en&sa=X&ei=-44cUNapLOPc2gWYkICACA&ved=0CIkBEPUBMAQ&dur=3008 (jeez, that's a long url - hope it comes thru)
  18. You found a French Whisk?!? I've seen a bunch of balloon whisks, but never a French one. For the longest time, I couldn't find potato peelers, and finally brought one down - almost right away, I saw one in CR. That's just how it goes...
  19. well, cakes look absolutely gorgeous, and so you expect deliciousness. But they are often extremely dry, hard, crumbly - seem like they are made w/ cement and sawdust. I found that my ovens (each one I have used here) don't have their thermostat calibrated. One Tica who tried to make my cookie recipe told me they came out very hard - I said how important it is to have the right temperature, and not overbake. Which brings us back to the thread topic - if you know people who enjoy baking, an oven thermometer is a very useful gift; perhaps put together a basket of kitchen gadgets (I haven't seen a french whisk here either, and lightweight food scales are difficult to find). Also, one Tica asked me about those hand-held blenders - where the blade goes right into the pot (good for soups and sauces) - that's on my list of things to bring to her. Whiskey and chocolates are also nice (but always be careful giving alcohol to people you don't know, as they may be avoiding it).
  20. One of my Tica friends proofed my brownie translation - fun, and I learned something! re sweet-toothed Ticos - just a warning; Most desserts here are very sweet, but have almost no flavor. (let's not talk about the sawdust and cement cakes)
  21. you can bring a wide variety of food. there are restrictions that are sometimes enforced - agricultural products (e.g., non-processed foods, like apples from the tree) is one type. I often bring dried fruits.
  22. If you have access to facebook, please see this group: https://www.facebook.com/RescateAnimalCR
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