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  1. we've had 2 major surgeries at Clinica Biblica, and one (less major, not involving overnight stay) at Catolica - both provided excellent care Every surgeon we have spoken to will operate at any of the three - CIMA, Clinica Blbilica, Clinica Catolica. Usually, you do your own research about the costs, and pay the hospital separately from the doctor/surgeon and his staff. Every time we have checked, CIMA is more expensive. Often CB is slightly more than Catolica, but not always. Two of our surgeons have offices in CIMA (one of them splits his time between CIMA and Clinica Americana, near CB). For discounts, especially for blood-work, etc, check out Asembis (http://www.asembiscr.com/)
  2. And whatever you do, if you are told someone will call you back, don't expect that call! Call back a little later. (this is generally true for anywhere in Costa Rica)
  3. JulieH

    Fish sauce and Cajun spices

    try Super Sony for fish sauce (they have a *lot* of different yummy sauces!) (3-4 blocks south of the national theatre)
  4. Just make sure that you keep it clear that you are changing your application, not submitting another one - I say this because (long ago) my lawyer said that if you have two different requests in to immigration at the same time, they put both on the shelf.
  5. You're welcome! (Jessica lives near Parrita tho - I live in SJ) :-)
  6. Hi Carol - can you clarify - are you currently receiving SS benefits that add to $1000/mo (or more)? If so, you don't need to wait for "full retirement" to qualify for pensionado status. If not, then 2 years of waiting for it while you live here in Costa Rica, deciding if it really is for you, is (in my opinion) not excessive. Getting a new tourist visa every 90 days (or less) could be a pain, but if you are prepared for it, and you feel it is better to do that rather than wait in your current situation, then I'd say to go for it. Plans are only plans - life is what you live. Julie
  7. JulieH

    Optimal flight paths to Costa Rica.

    look at Iberia's website - they often have deals as well from Europe to the Americas
  8. it's about 2 blocks north of the cathedral. If you know Jalapeno's, it is 1/2 block north of that restaurant.
  9. glad to help! and thanks for the report back
  10. asembis is a good place to start as well - much cheaper than the private hospitals (http://www.asembiscr.com/)
  11. the only thing I know of that several friends do is to hire a caretaker - make sure (1) they are honest and reliable and (2) you have a written contract with them w/ pay and duties stated, drawn up by a lawyer
  12. 3 = The clock starts on the date that your residency is approved. You normally will not find out this date until maybe a month after the fact. It is the date that is shown (eventually) on your cedula as well. 5 = the 4 month requirement no longer applies (that was the case under the old law, but no more)
  13. Vicki Skinner does this - I'm sure she has written about it, and she usually broadcasts when she will go again. Try to reach her on her website: http://livinglifeincostarica.blogspot.com/
  14. if you go to ZooAve, you will likely see squirrel monkeys - they are extremely cute! Enjoy your visit! (and don't sweat the 10-day visa)
  15. there is a park just east and north-ish of the ARCR office. On the South side of this park, the Santa Ana and Escazu buses stop on their way out of town. Just go there and ask the driver "para Multiplaza?" before getting on. At least some of the buses actually pull into the Multiplaza area, off the pista, and drop you at a well-marked bus stop - no crossing the busy street, etc.

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