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  1. I read one of your posts and it was very enjoyable, Kahuna. Please keep up the good work.

  2. You think crime reports in Costa Rica are scary? You have not seen anything. Check out the Crime Reports in the United States. Now THAT is a dangerous country to live: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crime_in_the_United_States I feel FAR safer in Costa Rica. The crime is San Jose for example in NOTHING compared to major US cities. I live in the suburbs and we don't see any of the violent crime that is fairly typical of the US suburbs these days ....... So yeah, there is crime to be concerned with here in Costa Rica. I guess what you consider safe is all relative.
  3. Kahuna

    Ship a horse to Costa Rica

    I thought that you would be gone by now. I know how much you hate it here.
  4. There will be dozens of Taxi drivers that will be offering you their service as you come out of customs. It should cost around $60. You might also consider calling the hotel and asking them to arrange a transfer.
  5. Kenn, how long have you been here? I thought this would have been obvious by now for someone that has been here as long as you have. Duh! OF COURSE they want our $$$. Why wouldn't they want our dollars? I don't understand the source of your moral outrage and I am just trying to figure out what part of that is bad. You know that it is not a accident that Costa Rica has the highest standard of living on all of Latin America. WHY? Largely due to the fact that Costa Rica been able to attract American $$$ when other countries are unable to. Panama has been getting more and more competitive for those American Dollars. I think it is smart for Costa Rica to understand that their prosperity is dependent on continued American investment and in these difficult times it only makes sense to make it easier. From my view this is just another example of prudence by the part of Costa Ricans. When it comes to immergration, I understand WHY Costa Ricans are so sensitive about Nicaraguans that come here illegally, take jobs away from Costa Ricans and are a burden on the system. I can see no logical reason why the government would want to make it difficult for people of relative affluence to be here when they contribute by bringing foreign currency into the economy and the jobs the come along with that. Obviously the Costa Ricans see it the exact same way.
  6. Too bad, because the Caribbean Coast is the easiest area to visit by bus. I have been to Puerto Viaja a few times and have enjoyed it. Manuel Antonio is very nice, but it is best to have a car there, or at least a scooter (which aren't really cheap.) You don't need a car in Jaco, but it is a tourist trap. Arenal and Monteverde you can get by without a car if you stay close to town. You might consider a trip out to the Nicoya Peninsula. Cartago is a nice day trip from the central valley.
  7. I didn't know they even had laptops in Costa Rica.
  8. There seems to be bike stores everywhere in Heredia. Santa Barbara, San Lorenzo and San Juquine all have bike stores. As noted there are a few in Heredia Centro.
  9. Call me Crazy, but I am not sure the password protection will stop a thief from stealing your laptop.
  10. Kahuna

    Auto Insurance prices

    You know, I had not thought of that before, but that is accurate. All of those vehicles need to leave the country every 90 days if you are in on a tourist visa. He will need special insurance to take each one of them out of the country every single time.
  11. Kahuna

    Costa Rican Funerals

    Burial is next day. It is preceded by an all night vigil where EVERYONE in the family is expected to stay up all night and hang out in the church with the open casket. Frequently the burial is followed by an all night wake (party) the next night. Don't plan on getting any sleep for a couple days. Also, the family will often times be the ones that handle the body and it is a very "hands on" process. The family will roll a casket into the house, the men load the body up into the casket and the women and children stand around and watch. I honestly don't think they bother with the embalming process. I am not sure what the point of embalming would be as they move through the process very quickly.
  12. Yes, you will need to show a plane ticket of a bus ticket at that boarder check point. If so inclined you can buy bus tickets there.
  13. Kahuna

    Auto Insurance prices

    I will be curious to know how much of that stuff you will still have by the time you get here. The only thing you are really missing is a big sign that says "ROB ME!". I have to tell you. I think you are asking for trouble. Not that there is anything wrong with making the trip, but generally the lower profile you keep the better. I personally think what you are planning is a really bad idea. Let me ask you this, how do you intend to secure all of that stuff every night on your journey? Are you planning on sleeping in the Motor home on the trip? Personally, I would be nervous about that, especially if you are parking in a secluded area. I can't imagine there are going to be many places in towns that will be able to accommodate and secure all that stuff at night. For example, here in Costa Rica, nearly everyone puts their vehicles behind a locked gate at night. I think that is pretty common throughout the region. How do you plan to provide that level of security for all of that stuff? To tell you the truth, I think that the only way to secure all that stuff at night would be to hire an guard or perhaps two to make the trip with you. I am not talking hand guns either, what you need are guards armed with shot guns (commonly used here by businesses and business people). I am not kidding. You will need some serious fire power. The Narco Criminal element in Latin America is well armed and they would not hesitate to come after you if they got you in an isolated situation. Don't even think about driving at night, you simply won't make it. The best security you can have is to have as low of a profile as possible.
  14. Kahuna

    Disadvantages of Costa Rica

    I am not so sure that Ticos feel that way at all. Clearly there is more emphasis on material things, but we are really seeing Tico's working harder or spending less time away from their families to acquire those things. Despite the growth in the availability of material goods, the focus is still clearly on the family. As long as the Costa Ricans are able to keep their focus on family, I not so sure there is a lot to worry about concerning the availability of more consumer items.
  15. Expert? Shesh, I am not sure there is any such thing. Costa Rica is a riddle inside of a riddle inside of a riddle. The good news is that the rules of survival are very simple. That is Keep it Simple and DON"T be in a hurry to do anything. If you can follow that one simple sentence, you can get by here just fine. I am with you Sam, I don't watch much TV. I keep up over the internet and I head to the sports bar on Sundays to watch football, but that is about it.

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