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  1. To all members of the ARCR forum. I'll be traveling once again to my home in Santa Barbara, Heredia, to see my darling daughter. I am arriving Saturday, 6 of March. As in the past, I have some room in my suitcase and would be happy to bring something you need from the States. You can simply have it shipped to my home in time for me to receive it here in Richmond. Or, if it is something that I can obtain locally (supermarket, hardware store, Target, candy store, etc.) that is not too expensive, I can buy it for you and you can reimburse me when you pick it up in CR. In any case, I'll pack it in my suitcase and bring it with me when I come. You can pick it up at your leisure at my home, as I’ll be in Santa Barbara through 15 March. Just let me know by email at rwlceo@aol.com, or phone, 001-804-359-0797 in Richmond, VA. Best to all, Richard
  2. Good morning, Barb. LOL is "Laugh out loud." Like you, I don't have a clue what IMHO means. We are simply of the wrong generation. LOL Best, Richard
  3. No doubt there is profit to be had on hardware from Skype. While in CR this past June, I went over to Office Max (or maybe Office Depot--I can never remember which it is) and bought a "Microsoft" video cam (they had a nice selection) for my baby's mother, gave her 5.000 colinies to have her English techer (a computer nerd) come over and hook it up, and left funds for her to add on to the TV cable an Internet service. Then, when I got back to Richmond, I bought a Logitech Pro 9000 for my computer. As soon as my daughter's mother gets her system set up, I'll be able to help my daughter with her English homework. So cool! Best always, Richard
  4. Laura, are you referencing to the video/telephone computer software? If so, I didn't know Skype sells hardware. Their software can be downloaded online and it is free for video internet communications. I got it during my June trip to CR and then also installed it here at my home in Richmond. It is going to be a cool way of helping my daughter with her English homework while I'm in Richmond. Best, Richard
  5. "Among a democratic people, where there is no hereditary wealth, every man works to earn a living...Labor is held in honor; the prejudice is not against but in its favor." Tocqueville, Democracy in America, 1835 Richard
  6. Laura, one interesting place to donate funds that help preserve Costa Rica's natural wildlife is the work that Kahuna (a big contributor to this website in the past) has set up. He has a number of websites: @EcoInteractive Twitters #1 Voice on Environment and Conservation Eco Interactive Costa Rica Blog Eco Preservation Society Support Conservation and Reforestation in Costa Rica, taking Eco Tourism to another level. Help us save the endangered Mono Titi Squirrel Monkeys in Manuel Antonio. SavingMonoTiti.com Support Turtle Conservation at Playa el Rey Best always, Richard
  7. I don’t know what your experience level is with hydro power, but there are some simply outstanding articles in past Home Power magazines on the subject written by world-class experts, such as Ian Woofenden. If you are not already aware of this great source of information, you might with to subscribe to their magazine. You can find them on the web at http://www.homepower.com/home They have an online version which allows you to search out hydro topics. I have ever issue since #1, except for those issues that I’ve given away to interested friends. As an aside, I have been involved with solar power for about 20 years, and presently have a small solar system here in Richmond, VA, employing a couple of Outback inverters, a bank of batteries, solar panels, and when all else fails, a back-up generator. I wish I had a fast moving stream with lots of head, but maybe someday . . .. I have a small home in Santa Barbara, Heredia, and I’d like someday to install solar there. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at: rwlceo@aol.com. Best regards, Richard Leatherman
  8. Good morning, Mapache. You might contact Ian Woofenden at the Home Power magazine. As you may know, he has done a number of RE workshops in Costa Rica over the past years. He is a great guy and may know of someone in CR that can furnish and install hydro there. His email address is ian.woofenden@homepower.com, and phone number is 360-293-5863. Best regards, Richard
  9. Mapache, there are a number of excellent suppliers and manufactures of hydro here in the States. If you need information on those folks, let me know. You can write me at rwlceo@aol.com. Best regards, Richard Leatherman
  10. Kenn, it seems to me that the “missed it” theory makes sense if we consider the incredible political instability and military upheavals of the Central American countries throughout the past 200 years. Nicaragua with its early Mexican ties, its Mosquito Coast as a British protectorate which became part of Honduras, the invasion of William Walker, its numerous civil wars, occupation by the US, its guerrilla wars, and its dictatorships. Belize with its history of piracy and continuous infighting between the Spanish and the British as to who would control the country’s resources, slavery, refugees from neighboring countries, the Maya battles against British rule, devastating hurricanes, and limited resources. Guatemala with its history with the Mexican Empire, civil war of the United Provinces, the “coffee” battles against El Salvador, the 1944 revolution, the United Fruit Company’s virtual monopoly on land, ongoing ethnic conflicts, the US “liberation army” of the early 1950’s, the CIA support and arming of the rebels against the threat of communism, and then the roughly 36-year civil war between right wing and left wing forces. El Salvador with its early battles with Guatemala, suppression and revolts of its indigenous people, battles with Honduras, and then the more recent 12-year civil war between the right-wing and left-wing forces. And then there is Honduras, like its neighboring countries, became independent of Spain, was annexed to the Mexican Empire, joined the United Provinces of Central American, fought with Guatemala, became a “banana republic” with much of the country’s land controlled by US fruit companies, insertion of US troops to protect the fruit company’s holdings, bloody coups, invasion by El Salvador, and of course, Hurricane Mitch that devastated the country in 1998. That, of course, brings us to our wonderful little country, Costa Rica, whose history most readers of this forum know. Maybe, just maybe, much of Central American history and political upheaval resulted in them “missing it.” Best, Richard.
  11. Thanks to the posting here, I learned of the earthquake near my home in Santa Barbara. I just finished a telephone call from my home here in Richmond to CR, and my daughter, Brandy, and her mother are fine. No electricity or water, but everybody okay. My daughter's mother did say that Brandy was nervous all afternoon. Heck, I'd be nervous too!! Best to all, Richard
  12. Happy, 70th birthday Richard.

    What a great milestone!

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