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  1. Hey Ryan, I like it and you seem to be doing much betterer. Somehow this new speel chucker doesn't do much to hide your Canadian accent. eh? Anyway...Congrats..hope all are doing fine! JV
  2. As I stated in the earlier poll, and my opinion has not changed, I think john kerry is the worst thing that could happen to my country. The man has absolutely no character/honor and his veracity is a joke. I wouldn't trust that loser to walk my dog. JV
  3. I really haven't been following this topic. I spoke my thoughts at the beginining and they have not changed. I have a lot of issues with George Bushes policies but as of this time *he* has not called me a war criminal (among other names) and he never claimed that I spent my whole time in Viet Nam stoned. Unlike kerry, I served a whole (12 month) tour as an infantrymam with the 101st Airborne Div. Unlike kerry, I did not fake any of my medals (ribbons) and although I do not invoke my service with every breath I take, I'm proud of my service. IMHO john kerry should have be tried and convicted of
  4. Well...happy birthday El Grande You sure do look more than one year old though. Anyway, I'm not sure how many appreciate this forum but it sure is a breath of fresh air over the endless searching of info out there in the hinterland. Thank you (and all) for setting this up for us. JV
  5. I am not a big fan of Bush but I believe that Kerry is the worst person that could be elected president. As a Vietnam combat veteran, I have serious concerns about his 4 month tour and three purple hearts. Perhaps his unit had lower standards but my Army infantry unit would have laughed at "band-aid" wounds being awarded a purple heart. I have also read the reports of kerrys silver star award and again I say, perhaps the Navy had different standards, but this joker is not a hero in my opinion. He is NOT the type of person who I wish to lead this country. But, hey, I'm wanting to move to CR to
  6. Gee Tico...I'm surprised that you missed the beer reference. Oh Well.. Only six months from now and I'll take you up on the offer of that Bavaria Negra. I've only tried your Imperial now. I suspect you know the better brews and I bow to your experttise. JV
  7. Hey Tim, Got the message about the sign up being back online today! Thank you! Especially thanks for the Email informing me. I can't begin to tell you how important joining ARCR was/is to us. We hope (and are planning) to be bothering (grin) you in person come October of this year. What is your favorite brand of beer? I owe you one (or a dozen). JV
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