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  1. curahee

    Travel from Heredia to Grecia

    Perhaps I did not explain myself! If you take the Tuasa (red & white bus from Heredia to Alajuela,) the bus will drop you off one block East of the parada of the Grecia bus. When you get off the Tuasa bus in Alajuela you will walk one block west and you will find a number of buses going to many different destinations, one of those buses will go to Grecia. I cannot understand why anyone would attempt to make this trip more difficult that it is. There is no 3 blocks/four blocks etc. Repeat: Take the red&white Tuasa bus from Heredia (my friend did this today) to Alajuela and when you get off that bus walk one block west and look at the buses lined up. Chose the Grecia bus, pay your fare and arrive in Grecia. I live in Alajuela. I pass these bus places two or three times a week. I know the Alajuela bus places. I'm only trying to help. You chose what you wish to do. I kinda wonder why folks try to make directions confusing.
  2. curahee

    Travel from Heredia to Grecia

    You can take the bus to Alajuela from Heredia. From bus in Alajuela walk one block west and hop on the bus to Grecia. Not sure of fares but it won't be much. Traffic and road construction slows the bus from Heredia to Alajuela. I should mention that the bus from Heredia to Alajuela is the red & white Tuasa bus
  3. curahee

    Moving to Costa Rica in 3 months

    I recall that Saturday was the best time to check the classified ads in the print edition of La Nacion when searching for rents. Look for prices in colones not dollars
  4. curahee

    Good luck!

    I haven't a clue about Canadians situation here in CR but thought it might reassure you to know that there are lots of Canadians living here. I'm a gringo from the US and do not live in San Jose nor do I hang out in gringo areas. That said, I have a 50/50 mix of Canadian and gringo friends among the non - Ticos. Here's hoping some of the Canadians reading this forum jump in with answers & suggestions. Pra Vida!
  5. Just a couple comments on the ATH game. I have a debit card from a credit union in my home town back in the states. The only machines I've found which refuses to accept it is BN. Every other banks ATH I've tried gladly honors it with the only charge occuring from my own credit union of $1 per transaction. I agree with TG when he says the daily withdrawal limit is set my the issuing bank. Mine has a default limit of $300 (or the equivalent in colones). I politely asked my credit union via Email to up that to $400 and they complied almost instantly. Now, some of the smaller ATH machines have a upper transaction limit of 50,000 colones but the larger machines limit the withdrawal to 100,000 colones or $400 (if they have the dollars in them). If you wish to withdraw 200,000 colones with one visit, you'll need to get it in two steps. It may not work for everyone but if I leave my card in the machine after I've received my 100,000 and tell it I wish a second transaction I can get another 100,000 and my credit union only charges me that same $1 for only one transaction. If I were being charged the $5 - $7 dollars someone mentioned, I'd be changing banks quickly! A couple times I've had the machine tell me that my transaction cannot be completed. This normally happens when I ask for dollars and the machine does not have any. I just go to another machine. I cannot comment on in the bank transactions as I very seldom actually enter a bank. Just a hint in case you need more cash than the daily limit. Ask your issuing bank what hour of the day they change their business day. My bank changes at 4 pm (east coast US). For the time being I can retreive my daily limit at 1:55 pm (here) and another daily limit ten minutes later. Yes, I know I'll need to wait 24 hours before another withdrawal but that sure beats the fee for a credit card cash advance. Just my thoughts.
  6. curahee

    overstaying tourist visa

    Thanks TG. That's kinda what I thought. I have no idea (I didn't ask) who told her not to worry about the visa. I told her I thought is was foolhardy to take a risk. I'm sure the chance of getting caught is low, but like you said: "what if?"
  7. Have a friend from the US visiting (not livining with us!) for 6 months. She has been told that it is no problem to overstay her 90 day tourist visa. I advised her to take a short trip out of the country for her 9o day visa renewal. Wouldn't do it as it cost too much. My question is: What penalty, if any, awaits her when she finally leaves after her 6 months? JV
  8. curahee

    contacting ARCR

    We plan to attend at a seminar this December or January, if there is room. We do not have exact dates yet,so haven't tried to register. Please be advised that the Seminars are *not* held in December. Perhaps that might change this year but you'd best ask ARCR.
  9. curahee

    Taxi from Intl Airport to San Jose

    Might I suggest that you contact the hotel either via Email or by phone and ask if they provide pick up service at the airport? Some do, some don't, but it never hurts to ask.
  10. curahee

    Money Exchange

    >A) YOur foreign card will not work in the two largest national banks Banco >Nacional and BCR will not accept foreign cards at all The above may be true for BN but is not true of BCR. We have been using our ATM cards (from a credit union in Maine) at BCR machines for months now. Occaiosnal troubles but think it was mostly my fault. JV
  11. Hola, I have now signed up and have been granted dial-up service for the rental house. The phone line is included in the rent. I have been through the deposit at the bank and have been using this service for a week now. All is fine (slow) but I'm not sure if I incur any additional phone line charges above the monthly $15 Rasca fee. I'm not online much but miss reading some of my favorite web sites. This may have been explained to me but I may not have understood. Am I charged extra for time spent online, and if so, could someone explain how the charges are determined? Gracias JV
  12. curahee

    Driving down & pension plan

    Hi Dennis, If you will take some time and read through the past messages here, I think you will find a few threads concerning driving to CR from the States. I know some folks do it, but my guess is that most advise against it. Besides, you'd need a working knowledge of Spanish to get through the border crossings. My advice is not to attempt to drive here. JV
  13. curahee

    Turkey Time!

    Follow up report: Gee TG, I guess your invitation ended up in my mailbox by mistake. Sorry. I gotta tell you that Barbara put out one of the most fantastic Thanksgiving meals I've ever experienced. Even my mother couldn't come close to this! You like yams? Darn, these were cooked to perfection and absolutely melted in your mouth! The mashed potatoes were out of this world. Don't know the recipe for that gravy and Barb refuses to share it and I'm wondering where all those exotic spices were obtained. The turkey almost fell off the bones and jumped right into your plate. I must mention that gravy again...it was too die for! I didn't know there was squash here in CR...wow! Now...I know I'm leaving a few items out and I apologize but I just woke up from my after dinner nap and I'm still a little bloated and sleepy. AH...Not to forget mentioning the pies for desert. I know there were at least four different selections but I only had room for couple. I had to try the pumpkin and it was better than I hoped. Somehow I don't think that whipped cream topping was "only" whipped cream (perhaps a few secret ingrediants?) mixed in? It seems that Barb is mighty tight lipped concerning her cooking skills. Rightly so I might ad. The "piece de resistance" (pardon my french) was the apple pie a la mode. I know almost anyone can bake an apple pie and put ice cream on it, but not like this! Something was mixed into the ice cream along with some special spices in the pie made the dish so visually appealing and so wonderfully smelling (aromatic???) that it felt like a sin to eat it. Couldn't help myself!!!! It was even better tasting! All in all it was a wonderful dinner and I couldn't begin to that Barbara for the invite! Hope to do it again next year. Thanks Barb. Now..someone point be to the couch. I need a well deserved nap! JV
  14. curahee

    We now have a Spell Checker!

    Hey Ryan, I like it and you seem to be doing much betterer. Somehow this new speel chucker doesn't do much to hide your Canadian accent. eh? Anyway...Congrats..hope all are doing fine! JV
  15. curahee

    The Earthquake in Costa Rica

    Did we feel it? First earthquake Brenda and I had ever experienced. Since it was a little after 2:00 am...we were sleeping. Bed started moving side to side and the whole building bagan shaking. Think it lasted 20 seconds or so but hard to tell. Then there were a couple or three smaller shakes about a hour apart with the last one felt about 6:30. Who'd have thought we'd only have lived here for less that three weeks and we'd get a real shake up? Nothing seems to be damaged in this area (Sabana Norte) and haven't heard if anyone injured but I doubt if many here got anymore sleep this morning. JV

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