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  1. Hello Vmc....suggest you go to www.therealcostarica.com. It's a great site for a wealth of information concerning your questions. The site has been developed by Tim (aka Tico Grande) who is one of the moderators here. He has spent a bizillion hours in setting up this site...you will find it very helpful.
  2. We are planning our first trip to Costa Rica and have narrowed down our accomodations to 2 places. We are looking at Hotel Christina in San Jose or Aparthotel Santa Lucia in Santa Ana as a home base so to speak. We are staying for a month and would like to be able to do some things without having to rent a car for the entire month. Any input or suggestions in regards to location, facilities, accessibility to transportation and etc. would be appreciated. They both look good on the internet but we would appreciate hearing from someone who has " been there and done that" so to speak. Thanks
  3. You can own a business but you must employ Ticos to do the work...you cannot receive a salary but you can participate in the corporate profits. I believe you have to be a resident to do this. They are also cracking down on "perpetual tourists" so it might be possible on one of your re-entry trips that they just won't let you back in the country. Tourists are not allowed to earn money although a lot do it illegally but if you get caught (they are cracking down on this) you will probably be deported immediately and would lose any possessions you have in Costa Rica.
  4. The citizens of Missouri voted down the "concealed carry" proposition but the Legislature found some way to "backdoor" the thing and got it through. It did not pass by popular vote.
  5. lorenzo

    Aparthotel Roma?

    MiamiDavid...understand what you are saying that's why I indicated this MAY not be the place for us. Just hate to commit on a place for a month and not be happy. Not looking for a "Hilton" vacation resort, just clean, safe and comfortable. We plan on seeing Costa Rica while we are there not the inside of a hotel room. Thanks for your input. Judging from some of your posts you have "been there...done that"
  6. lorenzo

    Aparthotel Roma?

    Kirsten...from what you are saying this might not be the place for us. Where did you end up staying and was it satisfactory? We are looking for a place (Aparthotel around Heredia) to stay for a month..it must have a kitchen and not be just a room. Thanks
  7. lorenzo

    Rent vs. buy

    Paul M....Thanks for your reply. I will check out the newspaper as you suggested. We certainly won't make this move based on 1 visit. We will probably come down twice this year so we can be there for both the rainy and the dry seasons. After that we would probably come back for a year before we actually make the decision. We have just recently retired and are in the process of "downsizing" so to speak and will be selling our home here in the states in any case. Once it is sold, we will be "portable" so to speak so the concept of selling out to move to Costa Rica is not really the case as much as selling out to move(somewhere) is.
  8. lorenzo

    Rent vs. buy

    We are evaluating the possibility of moving to CR. It would be our intention to sell our property in the US, invest the monies received from the sale, and use a portion of the investment income to rent long term in Costa Rica. We anticipate having between $1200/$1500 per month to spend on rent. There are just 2 of us (plus 2 outdoor dogs) so we don't need something with 4000 sq. ft and six bedrooms. We are thinking more in the area of 3 BR 2 baths, maids quarters, pool (or access to same). We have visited CR once and particularly like the area around Heredia...perhaps a little outside of town or in the mountains. We will have transportation.....I speak survival Spanish and my wife has taught and speaks Spanish fluently.......internet is a necessity and we do not necessarily want to live in a sterile gated Gringo community but we also like to travel so security is an issue. I have looked at the "Gringo" for sale and for rent sites but have a hard time correlating these in terms of "real" prices. Any input into what we can get with the amount of money we have to spend or any suggestions on who to contact would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. lorenzo

    Aparthotel Roma?

    We are planning a trip to CR in November. Considering staying at the aparthotel Roma in Heredia. Prices seem good and photos look good on website. Has anyone stayed there or had any experience with this aparthotel? Thanks
  10. lorenzo

    vehicle prices

    Thanks to both of you for the info...grealy appreciated.
  11. We are evaluating the possibility of retiring in CR. We have vacationed there and obviously would have to actually live there for a year or so before REALLY moving. Being from the US where everyone has 3 cars in the garage, I am curious about the situation over there. I am aware that it is not practical to bring a car from the US and certainly not realistic to have more than 1 vehicle over there (if any) but exactly what are the options and how much will it cost? For example let's take a Toyota Rav. 4 which retails for about $22,000 here. What would something like this cost new in CR and would you be able to find a 2 or 3 year old vehicle and at what price. I guess I am reluctant to sell my "security blanket on wheels" and end up having to buy a 10 year old vehicle with 40 bizillion miles on it. Based on our desire to live out, away from the city and away from "sterile gated American only communities", I feel that a vehicle will probably be necessary. I am using the Rav 4 as an example for this but really it could be any vehicle. Can anyone give me any insight into this?? (for some reason I cannot seem to be able to download any classified newspaper ads) Thanks
  12. lorenzo

    Living Comfortably.

    Re: Living comfortable..my prior post. I neglected to mention that it would be our intention to rent something initially as recommended by many on this forum. Is it possible to rent something upscale...2000 sq. ft., pool, and amenities bordering on luxury that would be similar to what we could buy for $200,000 or am I crazy for thinking that I have to spend that much. Thanks
  13. First, I would like to thatnk TicoGrande and the ARCR for the vast amount of information that they have made available to us "gringos" contemplating the move. We will be visiting for a month in February. I do however have a question in regards to living a comfortable life in CR. We will have approx. $200,000 to spend on a home. ( don't necessarily have to spend it all!!) Just need something modern with about 2000 sq. ft., pool, and a little bit of land. We both speak spanish and do not want to live in a "sterile " American only area. There's not much sense in moving if that's what we wanted. We will have an annual income of approx. $60,000 are there locations in the central valley that we could live in that wouldn't be insulated from the real CR but still be more affluent? I guess we are looking for the best of both worlds. Thanks

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