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    Rent vs. buy

    Paul M....Thanks for your reply. I will check out the newspaper as you suggested. We certainly won't make this move based on 1 visit. We will probably come down twice this year so we can be there for both the rainy and the dry seasons. After that we would probably come back for a year before we actually make the decision. We have just recently retired and are in the process of "downsizing" so to speak and will be selling our home here in the states in any case. Once it is sold, we will be "portable" so to speak so the concept of selling out to move to Costa Rica is not really the case as much as selling out to move(somewhere) is.
  2. lorenzo

    Rent vs. buy

    We are evaluating the possibility of moving to CR. It would be our intention to sell our property in the US, invest the monies received from the sale, and use a portion of the investment income to rent long term in Costa Rica. We anticipate having between $1200/$1500 per month to spend on rent. There are just 2 of us (plus 2 outdoor dogs) so we don't need something with 4000 sq. ft and six bedrooms. We are thinking more in the area of 3 BR 2 baths, maids quarters, pool (or access to same). We have visited CR once and particularly like the area around Heredia...perhaps a little outside of town or in the mountains. We will have transportation.....I speak survival Spanish and my wife has taught and speaks Spanish fluently.......internet is a necessity and we do not necessarily want to live in a sterile gated Gringo community but we also like to travel so security is an issue. I have looked at the "Gringo" for sale and for rent sites but have a hard time correlating these in terms of "real" prices. Any input into what we can get with the amount of money we have to spend or any suggestions on who to contact would be appreciated. Thanks

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