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  1. morty

    Uber in CR

    The great thing about UBER in Costa Rica is, that you don't run the risk of being overcharged. The red taxis love to do that to foreigners.
  2. Yes, and even many lawyers in Costa Rica don't get it.
  3. morty

    San Jose to Tambor

    I did not know that there is a ferry directly to Tambor!?
  4. Amazon does not require that you have a US billing address or that you have a credit from a US bank. You don't even need to use JetBox, they will deliver it to your house. But most of the other companies are stricter.
  5. morty

    Best Route to Limon

    The route through Turrialba is the old highway to Limon. This route takes a bit longer, but there is less traffic and the scenery is very nice. The other route goes through the Braulio Carrillo national park, but there is a lot of traffic and the scenery is not as nice. Maybe you could go down one way and return to San Jose on the other route.
  6. morty

    Beach suggestionsI

    I would go to Manuel Antonio, the beach is much nicer than Jaco. You will have to pay entrance for the park, but you will get to see a lot of animals.
  7. morty

    Storage Facilities

    Here are some more companies: http://www.mudanzasmundiales.com http://www.selfstoragecostarica.com
  8. morty

    San Jose to Tambor

    From San Jose to Puntarenas you will need 2 hours or less (110Km). There you take the ferry to Paquera, I think that takes around 1,5 hours. The ferry leaves several times a day. From Paquera it is less than an hour. I would ask the Barcelo Playa Tambor if you can drop off the car in Tambor. You will find drivers in Paquera who can give you a lift to Tambor.
  9. A nice place to go is Bocas del Toro in Panama. When you enter Costa Rica again you need to present a ticket that shows that you are going to leave Costa Rica again!! Another nice place to visit is Granada in Nicaragua or San Juan del Sur. There are flights directly to Bocas del Toro and Granada leaving from San Jose. Ticabus needs 8,5 hours to Granada from San Jose. If you plan to go to Bocas del Torro with public transportation take the bus to Sixaola. Cross the border by foot and continue in a shared Taxi and by boat.
  10. You have to deposit money in a bank in Costa Rica! Nobody can guarantee that the business is going to generate money in the future.
  11. Yes, you can rent horses in Montezuma. Other places are Samara and Nosara. On the Caribbean side you can go horseback riding at Playa Cocles.

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