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    tourist or pensinado?

    We are coming to Costa Rica with the idea of renting 6-12 months and really exploring the country. We have been told tourist visas are for 3 months but can be extended to six with permission. We also understand we must apply for pensionado status in the USA. What's the best way to work through this? We really would prefer a year before applying under the pensionado provisions but don't really want to return to the states.
  2. Mike & Marie

    Banking Regulations

    Can a person in Costa Rica on a tourist visa open a checking or savings account in CR? If yes, can we have direct deposits of Social Security income?We want to come down and spend a few months exploring the country and deciding if CR is where we want to retire. ALSO, we would appreciate responses from people with good experiences with health insurance agents and realtors who are willing to show rentals with the idea of making a sale at a later date.

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