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  1. Me parece que este foro no funciona bien. Cuando abrí el foro, no hubo temas en la lista. Hay problemas de mantenimiento? Ricardo
  2. Laura, enjoy your trip here . If you ride the local buses around San Jose at all, you'll probably encounter the hawkers who are either promoting a religious group or selling products. One thing you could try, if you want to chance about ¢2000, is to buy a CD of "rancheras", traditional songs of Costa Rica and other Latin American countries. I haven't bought one because I'd rather discourage people from coming on the buses and yelling, but I have to admit the price is right. They could very well be blank CDs for all I know, but I doubt it - the hawkers usually give one free to the driver in exchange for the access to a bus-full of captive audience. They would be out of business fast if the CDs were unplayable. HTH, Rick
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