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  1. Con gusto. Gracias a usted. Ricardo
  2. Me parece que este foro no funciona bien. Cuando abrí el foro, no hubo temas en la lista. Hay problemas de mantenimiento? Ricardo
  3. Laura, enjoy your trip here . If you ride the local buses around San Jose at all, you'll probably encounter the hawkers who are either promoting a religious group or selling products. One thing you could try, if you want to chance about ¢2000, is to buy a CD of "rancheras", traditional songs of Costa Rica and other Latin American countries. I haven't bought one because I'd rather discourage people from coming on the buses and yelling, but I have to admit the price is right. They could very well be blank CDs for all I know, but I doubt it - the hawkers usually give one free to the driver in exchange for the access to a bus-full of captive audience. They would be out of business fast if the CDs were unplayable. HTH, Rick
  4. Paul has hit the nail on the head when he says to practice in the field and be willing to look foolish at times. I cannot overstate the value of being willing to make mistakes as I've been learning Spanish. I once heard double Nobel winner Linus Pauling define an "expert" as "someone who's already made all the mistakes," so when I make one, I figure I'm making progress. When I'm talking with native Spanish speakers, I'm always hoping they will correct me, and many Costa Ricans are very nice about this. The best is when they patiently repeat what you just said, but correctly, before going on to a new sentence. Corrections also can be great conversation-starters with locals - about the differences between languages or cultures. Most Ticos are very proud of their culture and language and glad to share insights. So, as Martin Luther said, "sin boldly." You might add to your expertise. Rick