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  1. Nathan Libertararian and I think we could all do a little better buy #1 not spending money we don't have, #2 save a little #3 cut every where some places a little more than others. I think we could take your pie chart and cut every thing buy a third, give out a credit toward schooling,ships of war, guns, work to be done to fix roads and all the other things that are broken, with one rule you must be an American to get the work. I'll bet that even at 33% there would be a few ready to ready and willing. Also [and as most of you know I an know way a bleeding heart] but stop fighting all these wars. We run Afganastan and they still produce 80% of the worlds opium. Think of all the cash we would make if we just didn't go.they may make it to 81%
  2. I guess when we are 230-1 folks ,the folks will to start to go else where and then the Ticos can love Obama and starve. Is there one Tico that thinks Obama cares about any anyone but Obama? I can tell you that no south of the boarder person is on the morning briefing, sorry.
  3. I will do all I can to help out.

  4. I will say it's Obama and the folks running things, and no I don't think it's silly at all. Don't spend what you don't have, sorry thats just how I live clearly it's not how they do things in old Daley/Obamavill. If only Ron had won, but such is life.
  5. Yes, I go to Cristo Rey about twice a month and have been very involved in the new building there. I have spent time in Alejuelita and Uruca as well and would have lunch and a cold one in any of them over Jaco. I also think I have a much lower risk of crime in the hoods of San Jose than Jaco. Jaco is a Gringo created town with no history of its own, it was nothing more than a surfing beach 25 years ago. There are no families just overpriced Gringo food, shopping, bars, drugs, ladies of the night and a very sad beach that is so full of sewer I will not let my kids swim there. From where I sit it is as bad as Costa Rica can get.
  6. NO, I can't see spending 35K to have a place in Jaco. I could do about 15K on the high side after all it is the arm-pit of Costa Rica. They will be trying to sell the Jaco over stock off for the next 20 years.
  7. Sorry, that was to be use not us. My bad. I was thinking that more than 90% of real estate sold is to Ticos and I don't know many that have used real estate folks.
  8. There is no real MLS in CR. 90% + of all homes sold in CR do not use the services of real estate folks. In the remaining Gringo market there are many many more realtors than buyers.
  9. CR health care is one of the many things that make living here so sweet. As for the lack of lawyers in health care, it keeps the price down and I'm all for it.
  10. Trusting developers and/or real estate folks to give you a read on the market and you will be taken for a ride. If you are planning on making money on a new home ANYWHERE in Costa Rica, I would keep it for at least 10 years [5 years to break-even]. I would say your cash is here to stay.
  11. Now Laura, we all know folks of fame would run more with you than me. It was not a bad post, just a little out of date.
  12. I think its a little out of date. I don't think Oscar can or will be running again.
  13. I hear things have been very soft up north for the last 6 months also. It could be that it's just off season. There is just so much on the market in the mid to high end IE: $200K-$900K build and priced for Gringos.
  14. It's a great time to be looking. We are about 18 months into a down-turn, that said there are still many homes on the market that were for sale 6 years ago when I started looking. Prices are starting to get a little soft, after a large run up. Take your time and run from anyone that indicates the market is hot [ or will be hot anytime soon ] anywhere in CR. I would rent for at least a year if not more. We are a long way from the bottom.
  15. Being in CR I have been working with local fruits. None are as good as I would like but I will keep trying. I will start some new berry wine on Sat. we shall see.
  16. We spoke both Swiss/German and English at home. I was born in FL and Jdo is of course right.
  17. I agree 100% and when those very smart Docs go into business they tend to not do well.
  18. Or it could have been a little to much vino with lunch. As to being successful in business, one does not need to have exceptional grammar or superior intelligence. I have found that being straigth forward, honest, and hard working pays a lot better that being to smart for ones good. Many of the most intelligent folks I know could not run a business to save there lives. IE: Your in healthcare Jdo look at the smartest Docs you know.
  19. After speaking with my staff, I have been told that some Ticos, when there cars break down or fall apart get 'stolen'. They have been payed with no trouble at all.
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