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  1. Thanks but my kids were held at gunpoint for hrs. I carry and have staff that carry. Shoot First.
  2. I was wrong and for my trouble I get to get a new carry permit as they should not have given me one when they did this last may.
  3. I will ask next week about the new law. The minster lives down the street. As far as ARCR, both they and TG have always been on the [you must have your permanent] kick, long before January I would not just trust what they say. ARCR and TG have been right about other things, this has been the only thing I have found wrong info on in the past both on this sight and TG very good sight as well.
  4. Again I just renewed mine in may with no trouble. I could have grandfathered in I don't know.
  5. And I have a carry permit that I just renewed before I got my permanent residency card. The carry permits are only good for 2 years. The departamento control de armas y explosivos look at folks with work permits and the like as temps.
  6. First you don't need permanent residency to buy or carry just a form of permanent residency IE: rentista. I don't know what the new S.A. laws are. Long guns semi-autos are allowed on a case by case bases, there is a 45 cal. limit, and all are to have a 10 per clip max, there are many long guns here that are bastards with no rounds for sale. It is not what you can buy or import but what you can buy shells for and no you may not import shells. Yes there is a 3 arms limit per person. I know one shooting range that has an AK and an AR for use, don't ask me how.
  7. Nathan Libertararian and I think we could all do a little better buy #1 not spending money we don't have, #2 save a little #3 cut every where some places a little more than others. I think we could take your pie chart and cut every thing buy a third, give out a credit toward schooling,ships of war, guns, work to be done to fix roads and all the other things that are broken, with one rule you must be an American to get the work. I'll bet that even at 33% there would be a few ready to ready and willing. Also [and as most of you know I an know way a bleeding heart] but stop fighting all these wa
  8. I guess when we are 230-1 folks ,the folks will to start to go else where and then the Ticos can love Obama and starve. Is there one Tico that thinks Obama cares about any anyone but Obama? I can tell you that no south of the boarder person is on the morning briefing, sorry.
  9. I will do all I can to help out.

  10. I will say it's Obama and the folks running things, and no I don't think it's silly at all. Don't spend what you don't have, sorry thats just how I live clearly it's not how they do things in old Daley/Obamavill. If only Ron had won, but such is life.
  11. The shrink spoke english very well. As for the day of the test about 5 of 50 were in the english room; the test was in english and the head pavas cop, a very well spocken young lady and the boss as far as I could tell ran our class and the others ran the Nica guards I belive doing the same test. when it came to shotting all 5 of us past when there where a few Nicas that could not hit a 6M target once. You need 6 or 7 of 10. WoW.
  12. You can take the all tests in english and I like most still have our permits.
  13. Yes, I go to Cristo Rey about twice a month and have been very involved in the new building there. I have spent time in Alejuelita and Uruca as well and would have lunch and a cold one in any of them over Jaco. I also think I have a much lower risk of crime in the hoods of San Jose than Jaco. Jaco is a Gringo created town with no history of its own, it was nothing more than a surfing beach 25 years ago. There are no families just overpriced Gringo food, shopping, bars, drugs, ladies of the night and a very sad beach that is so full of sewer I will not let my kids swim there. From where I sit i
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