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  1. I use Dave Johnson as I have for ma few years on other forums and sites. Not my real name, just contribed from my real name and my baby's name. I should have used his name "diaper boy" AKA Johnny Walker. I use to use 'Mike Oxbig' but thought it would be unappropriate for this forum. But it's fun to be in Home Depot on your cell, call them and have them page Mike to the front desk. See heads turn to see who Mike is. My real name is John David and I have a son. Likewise, Dave Johnson.
  2. Yes there is just what you are looking for. Write Mike at costaricareality@yahoo.com
  3. I know of a place that does short term rentals in San Jose. I lived there before and it is nice and in your price range with no deposit or contract. They have one and two bedroom apartments completely furnished with everything you could want. It even comes with a computer and high speed internet. It's the Morazan Apartments. The phone number is 363-1401 and his name is Mike, or the e-mail is costaricareality@yahoo.com.
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