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  1. A bit off topic, but can someone recommend a car rental company, please? too many spring extra charges at the last minute.
  2. My small car is owned by a company. It is the sole asset. Now there is an annual tax on companies, I would like the company to sell me the car, then dissolve the company. I understand I would have to pay tax on the sale . Do I have to pay to dissolve the company, or can I just abandon it? John NOTE: Topic moved to Business Forum so that member replies may be made. -Moderator
  3. We thought we had applied with lots of time. We assembled all the documents required,, had them notorised (which seem to involve making a copy, then writing a one page document saying essentially that was a true copy?? Charging $70 !!) then sending them to the Department of Foreign affairs for "authentication". The website said this could be done "while you wait" if you took then in - or if by mail, 20 working days. In fact they came back in six weeks, authenticated, except for birth and marriage certificates, which occurred in UK, and therefore had be authenticated by, I assume, the British Department of Foreign affairs, thought they did not tell us that. At this point we gave up. Costa Rica will have to struggle on without us being residents. They had their chance and blew it.
  4. Where can I buy real Ham in Costa Rica? Not the synthetic sliced sqaures of ham in packets, but the real smoked, on the bone Ham. Anywhere is San Jose would be fine. John drjohncocker@gmail.com
  5. John Cocker

    marchamo question

    I need to buy a small SUV when I arrive in San Jose in January. Is there some one you would recommend who searches for cars, and arranges purchase ? John

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