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  1. I had this same problem with one of my cats and I used Dr. Peter Dobias's homeopathic cure. It worked great and was very inexpensive. Just google this Dr.'s name and the condition and you can read all about it.
  2. There are numerous studies showing huge benefits for using coconut oil. If you google mercola.com and using the site search look up coconut oil and several articles will be listed. At the end of those articles will be references to research that you can pursue further. Mercola.com is the top rated and most well read natural health website in the world.
  3. 15 years out is a long time. Everything about the land or home or community could change in 15 years. We have seen drastic changes across the board for just about everything. Life is what happens while you are making other plans! RENT!!!!
  4. There is a website called cyber rentals that has hundreds of homes in CR for rent from one week to 6 months or longer. I have used them several times with good results.
  5. Hello, All that land around Matapalo is Corcovado National park and the Gulfo Dulce Forrestral Reserve. Two thirds of the Osa. I have never heard of anything being up in the air about this. It is protected from logging, gold mining and poaching of wildlife. If anything, they will be enlarging the protected area. In fact there are several groups that are fighting to have the whole Osa declared protected, so that the developers will go away forever. So far so good!! As far as the new southern airport.......things get built on cost rica time, not our time. With tourism decreasing, who knows??
  6. Yep, and in 40 years Costa Rica will look just like Florida!!!
  7. Why would anyone want to see two animals try to kill each other??????? THIS IS SICK!!
  8. I agree "extravagant and unnecessary" . If everyone who moves here demands this kind of housing, this beautiful little country will crease to exist. If you can't do without all these "requirements" please stay in the united states!
  9. I too am having problems staying logged in on this forum. Sometimes I'm remembered, sometimes not!
  10. Yeah, I'll second that thought! Please go away with the real estate pitches. I'm from Florida and real estate people and developers have ruin the place. It used to look like costa rica until every Tom, Dick and Harry in real estate came to central florida, cut down our 100 year old oaks and put in gated subdivsions. Then most of them went back to their nice homes and left Florida with cookie cutter subdivisions, no lush greenery left. They did replant some of the trees they killed. They replaced 100 year old oak trees with 12 foot tall oak trees!!!! The water in florida was as plentiful and pristine as costa rica. We had lush jungles and forests that were awe inspiring. But these things are now contained in small ares around the state due to unrestricted growth.
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