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  1. Forgot this one: Upside down exclamation point is OPTION 1 (Press together). No shift key. ¡
  2. On a Mac, it's (OPTION n)n. Hold down the option key and press n, then press n alone. I don't know how to do it on a PC but it's probably something similar. Accent mark is (OPTION e) and whatever letter you need. Upside down question mark is OPTION/SHIFT ? (press together). ¿ Is there a keyfinder on your computer? There should be something that shows all these alternate keystrokes somewhere. I can't comment on your translation because I don't know enough Spanish. The Spanish I know is much less complicated but has served me well so far, and I keep learning more every day Just by reading and listening. Good luck.
  3. Me, too, wishing you happy birthday! You've already helped me immensely with your posts here and your website. Can't wait to meet you in November! Feliz cumpleaños! Shea
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