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  1. AND ONE LAST UPDATE INFO - APRIL 29, 2011 . . .


    With all sixteen (16) spaces booked for the FLL at Jalapeños Central in Alajuela (HooRay!), today I found an unexpected notice posted over on CRL from Allen Dickenson who usually promotes the FFLs each month.


    He announced that there will be an 'auxiliary' FLL at the usual place, BESOS Restaurant at Sabana Sur in San José. It does not replace the Alajuela FFL at Jalapeños but will be so that anyone who either did not want to drive to Alajuela or would rather have a broader menu selection would have an option this month, especially since there was limited seating at Jalapeños.


    So I hope everyone else who wanted to will get to nosh and hobnob with some other ARCR Members in San José.


    Meanwhile I will be looking forward to meeting a number of you in Alajuela whom I have not met before.


    ¡Pura Vida!


    Paul M.

    Forums Moderator & FLL Factotum



    Paul, may I recommend starting a new thread to announce this alternative first Friday luncheon? Those who have read that the luncheon at Jalapeños is full won't be continuing to read this thread. Why did I? I have no idea. lol However, I think a brand new announcement might be in order.


    See you next Friday.



  2. I'm looking for partners in exploring metaphysical topics. I hope we can meet both online and, at times, in person. I will serve as facilitator of the group; I am not an official forum moderator. I cannot delete forum entries. Although the format of the discussion will likely evolve over time, initially we will go through Seth Speaks - The Eternal Validity of the Soul by Jane Robers - topic-by-topic. I will not begin the discussion until someone other than me posts to this topic. I have lived in Los Yoses, San Pedro, CR since 2007.


    I'll send you a PM with a suggestion. Good luck with your group.

  3. They are a bakery, a restaurant, and an English language library, but not a book club. Anyone interested in starting a book club?



    Did you read my original post? I did not say there was a book club at Kay's. I mentioned Kay's as a source of information, since a lot of expats hang out there. I was at Kay's when I talked to the person who told me THERE IS a long-standing book club in Atenas that I didn't know about. I'm sure I mentioned that in my original post. If you are not interested in joining a book club that already exists, maybe you could talk to some of the members to get answers to some of the questions that have been asked about availability of books, etc. They might have suggestions to keep you from reinventing the wheel.


    Kay or someone at Kay's might be able to direct you to someone who belongs to the book club. It's a possible resource.

  4. But, Shea, the talleres also will break down and pack things like dining room table and chairs sets, so not just touristic rocking chair thingies.





    I'm sure they do. I'm just reporting the things I know personally about (albeit second-hand because I was with a friend who bought and shipped some rocking chairs), and attempting to infer that if they do the rockers they probably do other stuff, too. Sorry I didn't explain it better.


    Since we're somewhat on the subject, does anyone know if someone in the U.S. can order these rockers online? Might be worth investigating if you don't want to go the shipping route. Oh, yeah, I should be more specific: if you don't want to go through the hassle of going to Sarchi or another seller and buying it, then arranging for shipment.

  5. Hi Missy,


    Many of the furniture factories in Sarchí seem to be set up to ship things to the States and elsewhere.


    Often the larger pieces are designed to break down and pack compactly to box up and ship.


    You will just need to ask around in Sarchí when you go there for a place that will do that for you.




    Paul M.



    I know the factories in Sarchí ship the folding leather and wood rocking chairs. They package them and take care of the whole process. The chairs are a popular tourist souvenir.

  6. If you used wood from a woodworker, how would you know what you are getting? I think they would put all their scrap into one pile.


    Also, do Ticos actually smoke meat? I bought some "smoked" pork chops once and when I ate them I swelled up terribly! I think they might have been chemically treated to give them a smoky flavor. Which, by the way, wasn't that flavorful and had a funny texture ...

  7. I have to convert x number of dollars prior to the end of my first year being a Temp Resident.

    My residency was approved in Nov of last year so I'm thinking that I need to transfer the 36,000 prior to Nov starting so that gives approx 25 days to do so.

    I have x in the Banco Nacional accounts and that amount would need to be moved back and forth several times to make that amount work out.


    If you are trying to transfer these funds to satisfy your residency requirements, you must go into the bank to do it in order to get the required receipts. You cannot do it online or via ATMs. If this law has changed, someone please correct me. I would love to not have to go into the bank and wait ... and wait ...

  8. Ist Chilian miner rescued & out 13 minutes ago after 68 days underground. 32 more to go. Just had to comment on this great news.


    Carol, thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention. Great news, indeed, when so much of the news is negative. I just watched #10 come up on CNN. What an accomplishment by many people to rescue these miners! CNN is giving this its full focus this morning.

  9. A friend here has a dog that weighs 125 pounds, which is over the limit as far as the airlines are concerned. She needs to take him with her to Arizona. She is trying to find out if she can book one-way passage on a cruise ship but no luck so far getting any information.


    Does anyone have an idea how she can move this dog up there? It belonged to her dad who passed away here in CR last year, and she's going home to the U.S. She doesn't want to leave the dog here. If she could be assured of a really good home for him, she might consider it, but she would rather take him with her.

  10. Hello out there in costa rica..I personally dont want to buy and live in a condo at Jaco..but I am looking for a nice rental home in atenas..from what I hear rentals are tight since there is no money avaliable to buy..moving down in July and need a place to live...budget is flexible ....any ideas from anyone



    There are always flyers advertising rentals in Atenas posted on bulleting boards around town. Kay's Gringo Postres has a large bulletin board with several currently posted in both English and Spanish. There are other bulletin boards here and there also. As for prices, they are all over the map.

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