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  1. Several comments here: For one, coconut oil benefits are not a food fad, nor are they a new discovery. I started reading/hearing about coconut oil 15 years ago, at least. As for Acai, it is a fairly new discovery, but that does not make it a food fad. It evidently has a very high level of antioxidants. There are probably a lot of things out there in the jungles, oceans, forests, etc. with incredible health benefits waiting to be discovered. That does not mean that when they come on the market they are fads.


    As for the word "experts", that can be compared to the word "they" in this context. Who are the "experts"? Who are "they"? And using the word experts to indicate nutritionists and medical professionals does not indicate that they necessarily are up to date, since many are leaning on what they learned in school and don't keep up with new developments, discoveries, studies, etc.


    Now, does anyone know where I can buy coconut oil? lol

  2. I guess the main thing to keep in mind is that everyone's metabolism is different, and different foods affect different people...differently. I eat a lot of chicken and pork here, and occasionally beef if I can find some that can be chewed (even the hamburger is tough!), and I have normal cholesterol, BP, glucose and whatever. If I eat a lot of grains, that all changes for the worst. Do what your body tells you, not what someone else, no matter what their training, tells you. Have checkups and be your own judge.

  3. Coconut oil is high in lauric acid which is a saturated fat that raises cholesterol levels. As a nurse I have learned to discourage people from using coconut oil or non-dairy creamers that contain it. FUT.....to each his own.



    Strange that I read just the opposite about coconut oil and have actually been looking for it myself. This proves only that you can authenticate any opinion if you look hard enough. I guess we all have to go with what we "feel" is correct.


    One would think that coconut oil would be readily available in a country that produces coconut.

  4. I have had a bank account ever since I first moved here. It is in my name, not a corporation. There must be a way to do this because I did it. Check around with various banks to find one that will allow you to have a personal account. Mine is at Banco Nacional. Take utility bills, rent receipts or something to prove you own property, and whatever else you can provide to prove you are a long-standing resident of CR. Maybe that will help. Take a Tico friend with you. Have someone with good reputation/standing in the community write a letter of referral for you. I have heard that works.


    If you are a member of ARCR they will assist you in opening an account at BN.


    When you say U.S. credit/debit carda are blocked from online sites, I assume you mean only gambling sites. True or not? I use my cards all the time online, but not for gambling.


    One more thing: when you open your account, ask for an international debit card so you can use it out of this country. No additional charges for this but it might come in handy down the line.

  5. Actually there is a good reason to request a photo if there is any doubt in your mind about the ticket. A report in one of the online news"papers" this morning told about a license plate number listed. When the lady saw a photo of the license plate, not only was the number unclear but the license on the car shown (mounted to one side) was not even in the same position as the one on her car (mounted in the middle). Obviously not the right car or license number.

  6. I struggle with the limits being painted on the road - I'm usually frantically trying to avoid being road kill when I'm driving anywhere near the airport or San Jose! It is really easy to miss the signs or what is painted on the road. Hopefully something is done to remedy that issue (HA, RIGHT!).


    Oh, you aren't supposed to really read them (dripping sarcasm). No one obviously even tries. Signage is so scarce in this country as to possibly be a huge cause of traffic accidents, maybe more so than speeding. They ought to impose huge fines on the people responsible for creating safe roads.


    Especially west of the airport on the pista, there aren't even any visible lane lines, let alone speed limits on the pavement. I notice the lines are more prominent going toward SJ. I assume because that's the direction where the visiting dignitaries go ... We wouldn't want to give them the wrong (er, right!) impression. i have heard from a couple of sources that the government has a choice of paint that lasts a year or paint that lasts 3 years. They opt for the 1 year kind because it is cheaper.


    Have you ever driven the western direction from the airport at night or in the rain? ¡Muy peligroso!

  7. There are signs posted periodically with the speed limits, and also the speed limit is painted on the lanes.


    The only place that puzzles me is the road between the airport and Alajuela, the one that goes by the International Mall. I have never figured out what the limit is there because I can't find a sign. I just read they are going to put cameras there. How do you know if you are speeding when it's not posted?



    In any post click on the poster's name in bold letters at the upper left side of the post.


    The poster's profile window will open.


    From the left sidebar menu click on, "Send me a message".


    A blank message window will appear.


    Type a subject and a message and click 'send' and then 'OK'.


    That's all there is to it.




    Paul M.




    Thanks, Paul. I had done it before but forgot, and it's certainly not intuitive. I just hope I remember next time I want to do it! lol

  9. Please forgive my sense of humor...


    We want to talk metaphysics, but can't figure out how to send a PM? No insult (I had to google "metaphysics" when this discussion started) intended, but that's funny!


    (A different) Jim


    It's because I'm above all that practical stuff. Kind of like Einstein never memorizing his phone number because he didn't want to clutter his brain. He said if he needed to know it he could look it up. In my case, If I need to know it I can ask someone.


    I've known about metaphysics a lot longer than I've known about forum PMs. lol

  10. Did this ever come to fruition? Has a book club been formed and/or is the one in Atenas still going? I am interested in joining or helping to form a book club. Perhaps we could discuss online as well as face-to-face book discussions as travel can be a huge factor in CR. I am on the Pacific coast myself.


    You might try asking at Kay's to find out if the Atenas book club still exists. it hasn't been very long since I heard it mentioned. Maybe Kay can give you a contact name and number so you can call for more information.

  11. Hey Shea,


    Glad you made it there. From Alajuela we generally go along uphill, along the north side of the valley to San José from Alajuela to get there and avoid the city entirely and most of the hassle of traffic but I had no way to describe that route to you, sorry.


    When I was there before the 2nd floor was full of dry goods, furniture, lamps, stools, ceramic vases, plus lots of oriental trinkets and tchotchkes.


    And the stairwell to the third and fourth floors was just jammed FULL of 50 lb. bags of rice. More bags of rice than you could possibly shake a paddy at!




    Paul M.



    Thanks, Paul. It sounds like I didn't miss a lot on the second floor, since i wouldn't be in the market for things like that. I like the food but not the tchotchkes. And I'll pass on the 50-lb. bags of rice. lol Back to the first floor, I did buy a nice perfect-sized bowl for my pork noodles. They didn't have a lot of dishes, but what they did have were priced reasonably.

  12. So, we went, we saw and we bought, thanks to Dana and his maps. Forgot to go upstairs after shopping the main floor, so I have no idea what is up there. I think will probably stick to Mercado Sony, due to their larger frozen food selection, their fresh produce, their selection of Asian products from other cultures, i.e. Thai, Indian, etc., and their proximity to an Asian carnecería, where I can buy my favorite Chinese barbecue pork.


    Someone want to fill in the blanks as to what is upstairs? It might make me reconsider. All in all it was a fun adventure, and it's always nice to have another resource.


    In case anyone is interested, some friends told me about a small inner mall a block or two east of the National Theater on the other side of the street. They said there are all kinds of Oriental household goodies, but not a lot of groceries. Maybe clothing — I can't remember. A parking lot is very near there. I hope to check that out someday soon.


    Add that to the Italian deli market in Lindora (?) and a lot of my culinary needs are being met. Now if I just could find ingredients for good Mexican food. Oh, yeah, and a nice corned beef sandwich.

  13. I have to laugh when people consider something like that to be "directions." Where is that church? How do I get to Tibas from the Camino del Sol? And where should I get off, start from, end up ... Oh, crud. I give up. How I long for street names and building numbers. Not to mention decent maps. The ones on the website for this store have no street names, and the streets don't really look like they do in real life, i.e. the intersection at the southeast corner of La Sabana, where Universal is. That doesn't even show the different streets that are there. In case you think I'm map-challenged, I actually used to draw maps for the company I worked for.


    I will call this morning, but unless the lady can give me better directions than this, I know how to get to the Nacional Theatre and will probably just continue to go to Mercado Sony. If someone could direct me to the other market from the street the national theater is on, I might be able to make heads or tails out of it, but to tell me it's near a church I have never heard of in a town I don't know how to get to just doesn't get me anywhere.


    It's like the directions the author of a guidebook to CR was given on a business card (seems like the card was for a professional person, too!). "200 meters south of the house where the doctor killed himself ..." lol


    Just so you know this isn't just a CR thing, I'm reminded of directions I received (actually printed in a guide book) to get somewhere in Baja California. Go 3.4 kilometers west. When you see 3 rocks piled up, take that road to the right ...


    Anyway, maybe I should hire one of you who have been there to take me there so I can drop breadcrumbs along the way. hee hee


    P.S. I just looked on the ARCR map and can't find Tibas.

  14. Do they have a carnecería at this store, selling such things as Chinese BBQ pork, ribs, Peking duck, etc? When I go to Mercado Sony I buy these things at the carnecería on the corner. it would be nice if I could find it at this new store.


    I just checked out the website and can't find these items listed, but I also can't wait to go there! Taking friends there tomorrow (Tuesday a.m.) to look it over!


    I'm still trying to find out how to get there. The maps on the website have no street names. I can't figure it out.

  15. Shea,


    Are you aware of this item?:


    Walkstool Comfort 26" inch XXL Compact Stool Portable Folding Chair with Case for sports & travel Photography



    I first saw one that a guy had at one of the ARCR 2-Day Seminars. He had hip problems and had to sit down frequently to take the weight off his hip. It also has a wrist-strap so that when you stand up and raise your hand the stool folds right up and you carry it along (and don't forget it).


    They come in several heights and fold up small and flat and fit into a black carry-sleeve with a couple cords so it can be worn like a back pack until needed, leaving the hands free.


    This might be useful for you since, like me you have a walking limitation.




    Paul M.



    Good idea, but since I have one arm that doesn't work and two hands that have a lot of pain, that's not really an option. For instance, i just had to buy plastic dishes because I can't lift my pottery ones right now. I really can't carry much more than my purse, so if I had any purchases AND had to carry a stool besides, I'd need to hire a sherpa! lol


    Other than that, life is good.

  16. You could get partway in, but most of the aisles inside are too narrow or have boxes of goods lining the aisles that would present an obstacle.


    And thee is no way to get a wheelchair up to the second level.




    Paul M.



    That's pretty much typical in this country, in spite of the laws requiring accessibility. Well, I guess this store won't be getting my vast sums of money! lol People ask me why I don't like it here and that's a very large part of the reason.


    Actually, I will probably go there and see if they have a chair I can sit in every few minutes. I do that at Mercado Sony and they are very accommodating, sometimes running around the store picking up the items I need. The only problem with that is I don't get to see all the goodies!

  17. My housekeeper just asked me to bring her some TP from PriceSmart, the kind I use. She said she buys CR paper at her local pulpería and it's so terrible she has to buy it frequently enough that the more expensive stuff will be cheaper in the long run.


    Same goes for paper towels. I buy the Bounty towels at PriceSmart and can actually rinse them out and re-use them. When I use CR paper towels I have to use 3 or 4 to get the job done. Definitely not cost effective.

  18. Do you know the name of this market? And where is Tibas? Is it a section of San Jose or a separate town? I would be going to SJ via the Camino del Sol.


    I occasionally shop at Mercado Sony north of the National Theater. Is the Tibas store bigger/better than that one? I love to cook Asian food and would rally like to investigate this store.


    Thanks for any info.

  19. I would not recommend Atenas to anyone with a disability. It is practically impossible to get around in a wheelchair (you mostly have to go on the streets because the sidewalks are impassible. Even walking on the sidewalks is taking your life into your own hands. They drop off, are uneven, rough, and disappear altogether is many places. And the "ramps" for wheelchairs at the corners are very nearly not wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair.


    Also most stores are not accessible.

  20. Could someone translate this Costa Ricain saying to English ¡cuidado pierde!


    I put this in my online translator and it said "care loses", which makes no sense to me. Maybe it's something like he who hesitates, loses. What is the context in which this expression is used?


    There used to be a feature in amcostarica where the writer talked about CR dichos (expressions). Too bad that ended. The column was pretty interesting.

  21. I think Bimbo bread doesn't mold because it contains no real food. I buy ciabatta at AutoMercado (and now I found it at WalMart), and I can get a real cultural event going in two days. It's really good bread. Also, AutoMercado sells a pre-packaged bread that is really good. The brand is Ruiseñor. They have a "Pan con Nuezes" that is delicious.


    Not to change the subject really, but I went to Hipermas Monday, where they are readying for the big transition to WalMart this Friday. They had the most beautiful loaves of sweet bread I have seen since I was in Paris! Absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to have an occasion so I can buy/try one. They had a larger variety of fresh-baked breads and pastries, and they all looked a lot better than typical Tico stuff. I think they must have imported the recipes with the WalMart signs. None of it was covered or enclosed, of course, so I would check for freshness before buying anything.


    I hungered for decent bread for so long here (and still do in Atenas) that I was delighted to find these new-to-me products.

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