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  1. You need to prove income in order to apply for residency here, and you need to apply for residency in order to stay here. If you own a business that is online only and your work is paid by someone outside of Costa Rica, you can work in it. But that income will not suffice to meet the residency requirements. You must either put up the required funds for rentista or have a lifetime guaranteed income from a pension of some sort. There are other types of residency that I'm not familiar with, so read about them on www.arcr.net or www.therealcostarica.com.

  2. Yes they do. The site you referenced says "California does recognize a valid driver license that is issued by a foreign jurisdiction (country, state, territory) of which the license holder is a resident"


    Thanks. I think I had my eyeballs in upside down. However, the clerk at the DMV office told me just the opposite. She said they do not recognize foreign drivers licenses and do recognize the international drivers licenses. hmmmmm ... sounds like CR!

  3. Can you renew your California license endlessly by internet, Carol? In Florida, you could do it once and that was it. (Giving you a total of 10 years.)


    I just read a few days ago that you can renew in California up to twice by Internet as long as you are not 70 years of age at the time the your license expires. Also, I was told the last time I renewed (in person) that California does not permit the use of a foreign driver's license. You must have an international license.


    Ah, but then I just now read that California does NOT recognize an international drivers license OR a license from a foreign country. Rock and a hard place? It did not offer an alternative that I could see.




    There's also a page for renewing by Internet.

  4. I use my sister's address for my California driver's license. You could always use a friend or acquaintance's address with their permission for your U.S. driver's license. Preferably someone in the area where you live now so you don't have to go through all the rigamarole Paul is talking about to get a new license in Florida. If you have a current NC driver's license, just do a change of address before you move to whoever's address you are going to use. If your current license is likely to expire before you can return there to renew it, you might want to look into renewing it early. Just tell them that you will be traveling for an extended period. That should work. (Says here in small print.)

  5. As quickly and frequently as things change around here, your friend is probably not making that up, AND ticochico is probably right!. Why shouldn't they be conflicting reports,when nothing else is consistent?


    And what difference does it make? If you want to learn it, learn it. Otherwise, if you are asked to sing, just move your lips and be glad it's not supposed to be a solo.

  6. There's a place in Alajuela (near Heredia) called Villas Colibri that rents small houses by the month. It is an enclosure with a large palapa restaurant and several small houses, furnished with everything. They have wifi, cable TV and phones, all included. Also a swimming pool. The one I was in was 2-bedroom with kitchen. I think I paid $600 a month when I stayed there for one month. You can ask Norman at Jalapeñoa restaurant in Alajuela for more info and direcions. You would need to either have a car or take the bus into town, but the bus runs frequently and the bus stop is right down the street.


    I just found this link. The photos shown look like the one I stayed in.


  7. I was spending some time waiting at Hospital Mexico yesterday, watching people. I noticed how many really obese people are running around there, and most especially I noticed how many doctors are overweight. Do you think this can all be attributed to the American diet? I don't think so.


    Also, I was recently in the emergency room where I saw what I believe to be my first 600-pounder! He was a Tico and I doubt he gained that much weight from eating fast food. I think it would have had to be a life-long endeavor to gain that much weight, and I don't think the American diet has been around here that long. Just my opinion. There was also a Chinese lady there who had a Chinese restaurant, and she weighed about 350 pounds or more. (My estimate.)


    As for the Tico diet, which consists of a lot of carbs and sugars (fruits), I would weight a lot more if I were to eat that way. Carbs do it to me big time! Everyone's metabolism is different, and to say the Tico high-starch diet is better is not necessarily true. Nothing like a nice casado with beans, rice and French fries to send me back to bed with no energy for the rest of the day. I get oooohhhhhh sooooo weary.


    So what do I eat? Meat, cheese, eggs, and most vegetables. I have lost 30 pounds since I got here, and would weigh a lot less if I could get off the bread cycle! Hard to do ...


    I think everyone needs to find their perfect diet and stick to it. No one diet is better or worse for everyone.


    Forgot to mention I have no cholesterol, blood sugar or hypertension problems. And I never had these problems in the U.S. either. The only meds I take are necessary for my rheumatoid arthritis, which also dictates and high-protein low-carb diet. Lucky for me!

  8. Tomorrow is the annual chili cookoff in Atenas. This is a huge production in a beautiful setting. I think it starts at 11:00 and ends at 4, but don't quote me. I suggest getting there early if you want to sample all the chili since it disappears quickly. Competition, from what I have heard, will include 30+ contestants. Here's a website. For more info, Google it. Lots of info there.




    This event raises money for Hogar de Vida in Atenas, the local orphanage. Maybe other forum members can add more info. I no longer live in Atenas so I'm out of the loop.

  9. The quality of graffiti art has always amazed me. Some of it should be marketed in some way to provide the artists with a living as well as an outlet for expression that won't be painted over.


    I took pics of a lot of graffiti in Paris. Some of the artists there were using stencils, which made me wonder if they were doing the same thing in several locations! Mass media!

  10. In the house where I was living in Atenas, the sewage would sometimes back up into the downstairs shower, and once it came up in the washer drain pipe. Yuck and double yuck. That was a new house. Besides the lack of traps or vents, have you ever seen the size of pipes they use for draining into the septic tank? They are about half or 1/3 the size they should be. Maybe 2 inches ...

  11. Hmmmm... Re Costa Rica is that wholly bad, Shea, or just different?


    It's not like we don't have areas like that back home where we came from... There are areas like that in Tampa where I live when in Florida.


    Some of the junky areas have things/places where I need to go to get certain items (ah, ah, aA-ah- legal stuff, y'all!), and there's other places where I would not choose to go into cuz I wouldn't feel safe there.


    So howz that not like areas of Costa Rica?


    In Costa Rica you could prolly link the way things look to the fact that CR doesn't have much in the way of zoning.




    Paul M.



    I just have read so many posts from newbies, and replies from oldies, that paint an idyllic picture of this country. I am not trying to imply that the same conditions don't apply elsewhere, wherever we all come from. I am just trying to present the other side of the picture so people don't come down here expecting a pristine theme park. You are right, it's the same all over. I just think we need to show the complete package, not just the good stuff. I guess I take it on myself to balance the representation once in awhile. Dunno why.


    it's the same with travel guides that seem to gloss over a lot of the less than desirable aspects of a country/city/area. My advice to those considering a move to CR would be to read the books, then go beyond that and read blogs, online news (i.e. amcostarica.com), therealcostarica.com, etc. to get a balanced viewpoint.


    I thought the photos posted were lovely. I think I expressed that.

  12. These photos are nice of the parks and churches, etc., but don't show the really junky part of CR, like the dirty streets, impassable sidewalks, trash alongside the roads, etc. True, there's a lot of beauty here, but there's also a lot of crud brought on by the "I don't care where I throw my trash" attitude, the graffiti, the sewage in the rivers, and the lack of respect for old architecture which is left to rot. Let's be realistic here. If you can block out these things, then you will think these photos are representative of the country. There are beautiful parts, but many of those are where people don't live and contaminate the countryside.


    Someone mentioned the unrealistic viewpoint offered by such programs as House Hunters. i have noticed they never mention the fact that you can't just come down here and work. In fact, many of their buyers immediately set up Real Estate companies, which is not legal until you are a permanent resident. They also seldom mention that you cannot have beachfront property here because the land nearest the water is protected.


    Beware the rose colored glasses. It ain't all Nirvana, although some of it is.

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