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  1. Isn't a Key lime grown mostly in the Florida Keys and the south and having a taste much more acid than the plain ol' limes we can get in the U.S. stores? If so, I wouldn't think you could duplicate it here. I am still unable to identify what is a lime (or lime-like), what is a more lemon-like, and what is an orange here. I buy the imported oranges at Walmart when I want a fresh orange for zest or juice because I know what I am getting, but the lemons and limes are still a puzzle. Besides, I don't want to zest anything that looks like it has a major skin disease. Juice would be nice though, when I need it for a recipe. I don't want to use something that tastes orangy in my guacamole.


    Can someone give me names of the ones that taste most like limes and lemons that we are familiar with?

  2. There is a place in Alajuela with the most veriety that I have seen anywhere. I had to go there for my dogs food as well.. I can't remember the name, but if you drive by Wallmart (on right) towards town (going away from airport) it is the first or second left, about 2-3 blocks down. There is a big warehouse/garage like pet store on the left with tons of brands and all kinds of pet stuff ...more than I have seen anywhere else.

    At least if you get in the general area you will find it with some help of people around.


    Good luck


    Coming into Alajuela from the airport exit, you will go past Walmart. You will want to be in the left lane at that point, since moving over will be an impossibility. You turn left at KFC, then go 2 or 3 blocks and you'll see it on the left. Open front, pull in parking almost like you're driving into the store. It has a not-very-big sign up high with the name of a popular pet food (I think), but I can't remember which one.


    And I don't even have a pet! lol

  3. I have found the same thing with tico sugar. Especially the brown sugar. There just isn't much liquid in the batter to dissolve the sugar. There is some water from the eggs but it is not much. I don't have an Alto Mercado near me so I usually stick with the tico sugar. You really need to mix the batter a lot to help dissolve the sugars, A stand mixer would be great for this but I don't have one. =( I just mix a lot and then mix some more and leave the batter in the fridge overnight. My cookies turn out okay.


    I have a stand mixer and it really didn't help a lot in this situation. I have a suggestion: First of all with the white sugar, put it in a food processor to refine it a bit, or maybe you can find the refined white sugar in your supermarket. I think the brand is Maria. Much finer crystals. Then for the brown sugar, take the refined white sugar and add molasses to it. That is exactly how brown sugar (not Tico style) is made. Here are the proportions: 1 pound white sugar to 3 oz. by weight of molasses. Mix in food processor until completely incorporated, scraping down the sides of the bowl if necessary. People tell me that you can find molasses (melaza) at ferias and central mercados.


    If it works let me know and I might try it myself. lol Just kidding. It should be foolproof. This recipe comes from Alton Brown on the Food Network. It can also be found through Google.

  4. What kind of white sugar and brown sugar are you using? The first time I baked chocolate chip cookies here, I used the regular tico sugars and the cookies were like chewing the beach! That coarse stuff just doesn't dissolve. I now use the refinado sugar, and the U.S.-style brown sugar (available at AutoMercado, I think the brand is Dixie). I also use Gold Medal flour. It's just not worth messing with the unknown brands and risking the loss of your ingredients. My cookies now turn out great. I have an electric range, Magic Chef brand. It stays true to temperature and is well insulated.

  5. I experience the "ugly American in reverse" thing all the time. I ask the person to speak more slowly but instead they speak just as fast only louder and louder and louder. It's not just the speed, however, it's the fact that they don't really enunciate so I'm hearing abbreviated words. Kinda like acronyms . lol I finally just keep nodding my head, smiling, and thinking to myself "Yeah, yeah, whatever."


    I don't have much of a problem in Mexico, just here.

  6. Verify the credentials of the person you are dealing with. Get references from people you trust. Beware if the person is too smooth. Pray a lot. Carry a rabbit's foot. lol (Oh,no! Forget the rabbit's foot. That's too gross!)


    There's really no way you can absolutely protect yourself from an unscrupulous RE agent or anyone else. Just do as much checking as you can and be prepared to be taken once in awhile.

  7. If I were in the market for Real Estate, I would ask to see the cédula of the agent. If he/she were not a permanent resident and free to work, I would not engage their services. I also would spread the word. If it's illegal to work, it's illegal to work! And I wouldn't count on the government not enforcing the laws. They are starting to crack down on many violations that were previously overlooked.

  8. The feria at Atenas usually has pejibayes. On the upper road toward the school there usually is a booth where they sell them cooked. At the lower end of the feria there sometimes is a booth where they sell fresh ones. At least that was my observation last time I was there, almost a year ago. If you're into cooking them yourself you can save a lot of money, but if you only want a small quantity to try them, buy the cooked ones.

  9. The difference between using a gun and using a knife is like the difference between using a remote control for your TV or walking over to the TV and changing the channel. With a gun you don't have to get close to your victim and risk him or her fighting back. Random shootings are rampant, and in many cases it doesn't matter who gets shot. It's done for the joy of pulling the trigger and seeing someone fall to the ground dead.


    If you are a responsible, sane person who wants A gun for protection or even for responsible target practice, fine. License it. Pass the safety and psychological tests.Get registered. If you feel you need an assault rifle or a whole arsenal, frankly that scares the hell out of me. I don't think I would want to know you.

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