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  1. Hair = pelo in CR, cabello in other Latin countries.


    Delicious = rico, delicioso in other countries. ( can't get used to say something like vinegar or plain bread is "rich". It just doesn't compute.


    There are many word differences, some of which I will adopt and some which I don't. I find that the ticos know what I am saying one way or the other. I just don't know what they are saying.


    As for how useful high school Spanish is, it depends on where you are using it. I have no problem in Mexico, but here I don't understand a lot of what is being said even though I am frequently complimented on my Spanish. Much of the reason for not understanding is that many ticos don't pronounce the whole word for some obscure reason. They also tend to tack on an "sh" sound at the end of words ending in "r", i.e. "hablarsh", "comersh", etc. Then they deny that they do that because they don't even hear it. Weird.


    Don't be afraid to ask someone to speak more slowly so you can understand, although frequently when I do so the speaker just talks louder and just as fast. Like ugly Americans do. lol

  2. Here's a link for a recipe for making your own pectin. Tells how long you can keep it in the fridge or freezer. Doesn't tell how much to use in your recipe, however it might be of interest to someone. I got it from the Food Network site.




    Let me know if this link doesn't work, or go to www.foodnetwork.com and search homemade pectin.

  3. So why can't you just simply say, 'Thanks for the maps', instead of being off-putting like this to others on the list?


    Maybe it's better to just say nothing at all than to continue damning other member's efforts to help with faint praise.




    Paul M.

    Forums Moderator

    Didn't realize I was damning with faint praise. Just pointing out that I didn't need maps, only info on distance. Forgive my misinterpretation.


  4. I really don't care where Naranjo is since I probably will never go there. I was just trying to supply another source of dog-sitting. I was more interested in distance than in proximity. As for north, I think it's always "UP" on any map, if the map is made by someone who knows how to draw a map. Thanks for the maps. I'm sure they will help someone. I actually love maps and do appreciate your help. It just doesn't apply.

  5. I know that Tico incomes are quite low, but that knowledge leads to this question: Who drives all those new expensive gas-guzzling cars I see everywhere I go? I am frequently driving the oldest car on the road wherever I go (26 years). There are not enough expats in the entire country to own all those expensive vehicles, so there must be a LOT of ticos who can not only afford monstrous car payments, but who also can afford the fines. I can't believe the wealth that is displayed on the road and really can't figure this out. Can anyone?

  6. I have lived here for six years and have never been subjected to disrespect, unfair or abusive treatment. I think it has a lot to do with the gringo's attitude when seeking said service or any kind of help. That's not always the case, since I was denied banking services yesterday for what reason I do not know, but normally I have no problems. Even language limitations haven't had an impact, and sometimes even create a bond when the Tico can offer to help me to understand something. I do speak Spanish reasonably well, according to the Ticos I'm talking to, but occasionally I have difficulty, especially understanding what they are saying since they talk so rapidly. (So do we!) Usually the person will help me to understand by using different words.


    On the other hand, people who have lived here for years and make no attempt to learn the language might expect to be treated with a bit less than expected respect.


    As for being denied services, the laws here change frequently, and the new law regarding bank accounts requires that you have a cedula in order to open an account. That doesn't mean that the person waiting on you is being discriminatory. He/she is just obeying the law.


    Remember too that what we perceive as logical is very different from what Costa Ricans perceive as logical. That's probably true in most foreign countries.


    Beachlife4us, I don't remember if you are actually living in CR at this time. If you are, I would ask you the same question. Have you been subjected to the treatment you describe?

  7. My wife and I are making tamales today. For about 120 tamales she has spent approx. 40,000 colonies. I don't know how you could make 100 of them for 6,000. FYI Paul, they are tamales, not tamal. Tamal is more or less pudding.


    Actually, tamal is singular, tamales is plural. At least that's the case in most Spanish-speaking areas. On the other hand, tortilla is an egg dish in Spain, so who knows what is right or wrong?

  8. I'm thinking about making tamales but don't know if it will be worth the effort since I'm by myself. I can't stand CR's version of tamales, so I make Mexican-style tamales. I have a pork shoulder waiting ... I cook them in corn husks because I don't like the taste of banana leaves.


    If you like sauces on your tamales, Walmart now has a variety of dried chiles to make them. Guajillos, anchos, arboles, can't remember what else.


    Paul, you should be able to find Mexican tamales in Tampa, I would think. They are as much a tradition among the latinos in the U.S. for Christmas as CR's version is here. Have you checked around? Some restaurants will sell them to take out. At least that was the case in Seattle.


    I can't tell you how much I miss Mexican food.

  9. I'm not sure why you address your comments to me, since I'm not the one complaining about the forums categories. I'm fine with the way it is. I click on each category and see which posts are bolded to see what I haven't read. If it's something I'm not interested in, i.e. shipping pets, etc., I don't always read it. I mentioned my suggestion for a forum on where to find things, but I also mentioned my solution for that, which is just to post when I find something people want and to ask about things I'm looking for. This is not a need to reformat the forums.


    Actually, I do read some posts that don't particularly relate to me, just because I hear people asking about things and I can tell them to check out these forums because there is a thread going on that subject. Not everyone reads, or even knows about, these forums, so that helps bring new people in.

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