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  1. Hello to all! My girlfriend and I (moved to Costa Rica on may 1st) found an '88 Pathfinder for sale but when we were just about to go ahead we found out that there is a "problem" with it. The owner of the car got out a loan 10 years ago to buy the car from the States and import it. The car loan was paid in full but the owner did not clear the lien that the loan company had put on the car. He was unaware that there was a lien on the car when he tied to sell the car to us. A title search done by our lawyer showed that there is a lien but paid of. We were wandering if anyone knows if there is a legally binding document that will protect us if we decided to buy this car. The owner has agreed with us verbally to sign any document of this nature i.e any document that will show that he will not have any interest in the car after the purchase. Please, let us know. Sincerely, Dimitri and Shelley
  2. We are a professional and reliable Canadian Couple living in Costa Rica, looking to housesit for short or long term. Would prefer to live in the San Jose Valley but open to other areas. If you have a place or know of someone who does can you please let us know. References available. Also, if anyone knows of any other websites where we should be posting this info we would really appreciate the help. Thanks, Shelley and Dimitri
  3. Would you mind passing on the websites you have been using to find such property. I am struggling to find good rentals in this price range. Thanks!
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