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    i need advice, please!

    ok so i guess what i REALLY need is help finding places to rent for monthly rates. where can i find that info?
  2. sarah

    i need advice, please!

    ok i was a bit vague. i am totally about walking nd public trans. we are pretty imple peope lookin to get away from hustle and bustle, learn about the country and wildlife, some nightlife, but not the main priority. i would like to ind a cheap place, buti havent found any places that even have rates besides nightly or for 3-5 days.
  3. So my fiance and i have been dreaming about coming to Costa Ricafor awhile now but we do not want to only stay for a few days or weeks. we are thinking more like a feww-6 months. i have been desperately trying to find some extended stay type bungalows or something private along those line. i am not even sure which area we would like to be in, preferably the least touristy. where should i look and does anyone know of a site or anything that would help me find monthly rates in places. also i am a little unsure of how much money we would need to be comfortable per month to site see and stay/eat/drink. any advice would be wonderful! thanks, sarah

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