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  1. Would a DWI on a person’s record cause problems when trying to get citizenship? My friend has 2 and I didn't know what to tell him about that. They both were misdemeanors. What do they actually look for?
  2. Thanks Paul !! ARCR member since 2006 I always pass the good word on the ARCR and their help.
  3. Hi everyone, informative thread. My situation is a little different. I receive a pension ( Annuity ) from the US Office of Personal Management here are my details. I retired from the US Postal service due to a shoulder injury in aprox 1997 I will receive my pension for life as long as I do not have an Earned income of grader than 80% of my final postal salary. I am a flight attendant now and will never need to make over 80% of my final USPS salary, if I did I would be considered finacially recovered and I would not receive an Annuity until my income dropped below the 80% then it would kick in again. Now how will this complicate an application for Pensionado Residency? It is for life, unless I make too much money ( which I don't ) Any suggestions on how to word the income certificate? I am in Alajuela and will speak with ARCR Tuesday but wanted to throw this out there for suggestions.. THANKS Charlie
  4. Thanks, "jalapanos" is so good by the way. I will catch ARCR Tuesday morning then. I thought I read somewhere they were closed Mon.
  5. Made it here no problems at all. I came in on a late flight from DFW 7-25-08 so I decided to stay at Vida Tropical in Alajuela. ( Jalapeno'stonight ) [Julie I will tell Norman you said Hi]. I am open for advice but I would think I should take the bus into San Jose to visit ARCR & do business. I should have 8 or so more days for my stay this time. I am sure it will take several days to accomplish what I hope. I thought I had directions here somewhere for the bus but I haven't found it yet...
  6. To view my You Tube videos, go to www.youtube.com. In the search section of You Tube, put my last name: kimmick.

  7. Vida Tropical. I will bwe there this week !! Thanks I am PRESENTLY at the vida Tropical and like it. Thanks for the advice. I will need to visit the ARCR Monday 7-29-08. -->(TUESDAY) I would like to open a bank account, get a drivers license, P.O. box, talk & meet all the ARCR team. forgot Monday was Holiday
  8. Thanks MiamiDavid, I might need to get more info from you, sounds like you have some great ideas I might be looking for. Bell's did return my email yesterday. Thanks Charlie
  9. Thanks everyone, you have saved me much time. I am in Fort Worth TX should I go to the Fort Worth Police or the Texas State Hwy Patrol? Thanks !!
  10. Hello ARCR Friends, Thanks in advance for your ideas: What does a Police Certificate need to contain specifically speaking. Does anyone have a copy of a successful one? Should I write it & then have the local Police sign it? Does it matter whom at the Police station signs it? Thanks everyone. Have a great weekend.
  11. Hi everyone, Does anyone know if Bell's Home Hospitality is still doing business? I have contacted them both by email and hard copy Letter via mail and have never received a response. Any recommendations? Thanks http://www.homestay.thebells.org/default.htm I read about Bell's in Christopher Howards book "The New Golden Door to Retirement and Living in Costa Rica"
  12. Paul, Thank You so much for your time. I will take your advice. Charlie
  13. What bank records do you recommend I bring from US? Thanks Ken, I agree about the book. just a good starting point.
  14. Thanks, Great suggestions. My flight schedule allows for 5 days off the end of this month. I am trying to get more next month. Soon I will split schedule between C.R & TX. My Credit Union Visa debit card won't be taken in C.R. even some places in Canada. As a flight attendant i get to try it out. Sounds like everyone has some good ideas. Now where to stay for the 5 days, hotel suggestions? Much Thanks for eveyone help & trust me I will be taking most if not all of them. Charlie
  15. This is helping tons ( My old Hawaii Drivers Lic listed my PO Box as my address ) will the homesttay address work? hmm Bells' homestay: www.homestay..thebells.org oreven better ARCR help. What about a motorcycle restriction I have on US lic, can I keep it? ) How much USD cash do I need to open a bank account? Should bank also supply Visa Card or a Debit card? Bank reccomendations? (I am sure ARCR has some) My VISA won't work in Costa Rica. even if I call them... Any suggestions to keep from carring cash? Christopher Howard's book is great...

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