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  1. Thanks for all of your input on this subject. Sounds as if there is alot to look out for when checking out real estate in Costa Rica. I will be cautious in my dealings, and make sure I have a good attorney. Thanks to all of you again, Pete
  2. I'm still living in the US, and plan to move to CR in a couple of years. Recently, I was approached by a company offering an unbelievable deal on property in CR. It was to pre-buy 2 lots at $60k each with a $30K down payment on each. - They said that after the utilities were in and development started, the lots should be worth $200k each. - Is this possible? The name of the company is Costa Developers with offices in Ft. Lauderdale and San Jose. - The development is costamontana located north of Jaco on the Costanera Hwy. Has anyone heard of this deal and is it a legit company? Thanks,
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