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  1. Barbara Acosta

    Newbie introduction

    Thanks Tom and Marcia. Eleanor, Co- housing is an international movement in which like minded folks form an intentional community. It is not a commune but rather a living arrangement in which everyone owns their own home and share communal areas such as kitchen, dining and gardens. People usually share a philosophy such as sustainable living. Www.cohousing.org
  2. Barbara Acosta

    Moving cats

    Thanks everyone for all the great advice! It's reassuring that others have successfully transitioned their cats. Keep up all the stories!
  3. Barbara Acosta

    Moving cats

    Oh dear. I think Xochitl would go to sleep but Luke will surely cry the whole way and he is LOUD! Not sure what to do if we can't sedate.
  4. Barbara Acosta

    Moving cats

    I'm planning to move my two cats with me in September and would love some advice. I have already checked out the APHIS information so I will know what paperwork to bring (unfortunately their site seems to be down today but hopefully will be back up soon.) The cats have never flown before and they are used to being indoor cats. Luke hates being in a car. He meows loudly and constantly - can go on for hours! I will ask the vet about sedating them, and hopefully that will work. My nightmare is he cries the whole way and they kick us off the plane! I'm also wondering about some of the bad press on flying with pets recently. A friend is going to come with me to help me move, so at least each of us can take one cat on the plane. So my questions: 1) What experiences have others had with flying their cats as baggage? Did you need to tranquilize them, and did that help? Which airlines seem to be most accommodating? 2) What was the transition like once you arrived? Do you have indoor cats? Is this doable? 3) Is it easy to find cat sitters for when I need to go out of town? 4) What kind of cat food is available in Costa Rica? What is the quality like? Any other advice to help with the kitties' transition?

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