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  1. Not sure if you are still monitoring this thread, but your budget is IMO way low for Jaco. I do not live in CR but hope to move there and have been to Jaco 3 times for vacation and searching for information on renting/buying It is a very expensive place to rent (due to the demand) and also I think if your rental is built in typical CR fashion and your use of AC is typical of a non native you will also be looking at a 500 dollar plus electric bill. I have talked to several people who live in Jaco in two bedroom apartments that paid around $1000 rent and $500 a month for electric (when they first moved in they soon decided they could not afford AC and fans would suffice).
  2. Jacobound

    Costa Rica is Changing....

    PS Even in my limited experience of 3 visits to Jaco over the past 6 yrs I have seen a lot of change that I view as negative. First as someone else mentioned the appearance of more and more fast food places. Second lots more small motorcycles with loud exhaust "Fart Cans" as well as car and pickups with PA type speakers on the back either blasting music or worse yet some kind of advertisement/political propaganda. On the positive side, So far though even in a place as commercial as Jaco the attitude of the Tico's has always been great even the occasional drug dealers I have encountered have been very polite asking if you want some Ganga or Coke and after replying "no thanks" they would usually apologize for misjudging you.....Not something you are likely to see in the US :-) also I have never felt threatened or been harrased walking at night in the city or on the beach.
  3. Jacobound

    Costa Rica is Changing....

    Thanks for this Paul. I have been to Jaco 3 times over the last 5 yrs. With Jaco being such a tourist destination I have always been disturbed by the attitudes/arrogance of most US visitors. I have always tried to adopt to CR's own way of doing things (not rushing and for sure not being rude) and have found with Tico's as with most people I have met in life a little common courtesy/respect and a smile goes a long ways. However not speaking any Spanish I guess I had missed out on the small talk aspect of CR....however being big on small talk with strangers I probably inserted a fair amount naturally, but now that I know its the norm I will make it a point (along with learning Spanish LOL) to chat more. As far as the Wireless internet limits, I would assume they are becoming scarce for the same reasons they did in the US. When the first build out a new 4g or other network they have tons of untapped bandwidth available and do whatever they can to try to get as many customers as they can to achieve an ROI. However at some point they naturally begin to saturate the system and have to start imposing data caps.

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